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Top 10 Model Escort Myths Busted

 10 July 2015

Here Are Some Of The Top Ten Myths About Working As An High End Companion

From questions of intelligence to suspicions on the true nature of the work, here we uncover the top ten myths surrounding the world of models who sometimes dip into the world of being companion for hire. 


1. They’re Aren’t Smart Enough for Other Work. 

We have many highly educated model escorts available for booking through Elite City Escorts.  These women are highly educated, and because they come from places like Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, they are statistically more likely to be fluent in multiple languages.  It is a given that a certain level of worldly experience and knowledge is necessary for and easily obtained through this line of work as well.


2.  They've Been Coaxed into the Business and Would Rather Not Do This Sort Of Work. 

When it comes to escorting as a high end model its very far from the shifty world of street working.  These women are paid for their time and company, not intercourse, and while they are represented by a team of professionals, they have no need to worry about abusive men forcing them to do things with people they don’t want to do them with.  These women enter the industry for the many benefits that are available to them through this sort of work, and are completely in control of how involved they are with the business.


 3. You Can Always Tell When A Man Is With A Working Girl. 

More often than not, models who have a career as an high end companion are perfectly dressed for the occasion and take very seriously the fact that they are in attendance at an event to make someone look good.  Men who book model girlfriends come across as men who are confident and important enough to have built a relationship with a stunning and desirable woman.  One of the most attractive couples you’ve seen recently could have very well been a model escort and a gentleman who has paid for her time that evening.


4. They're Universally Frowned Upon. 

Though the morals of most of the Western world tell us that the business of working as or obtaining the services of a call girl is wrong, be she a model or not, we can’t deny that this is something that has been going out throughout the world for many, many years.  We have created ideals that don’t really mesh well with what is natural.  That is if you perceive the things that have been going on in nature since the dawn of time natural.  Maybe online escort agency services haven’t been around since the dawn of time, but look back on the history of any royal family and you will see that since there have been rich and powerful men, there have been desirable courtesans that they chose to spend their free time with.  In an increasing number of places, working as an working girl model is perfectly legal, and a wider acceptance actually make things safer for everyone involved.


 5. They’re All In It Because Of Greed. 

The fact that girls working this industry are financially compensated for the work that they do is not a secret.  Who does work without the promise or hope for financial gain of some sort?  Still, these women have motives that stretch far beyond the money that is to be made.  A lot of these girls are incredibly smart, intelligent and amazingly warm when you get to know them, these girls usually have a masters or a PHD and they will tell you without any fear that the biggest perks include the people that they get to meet, the adventures that wouldn’t happen any other way, and the opportunity to make others feel good. 


6.  They’re Lazy. 

Models, actresses and high end call girls or any girl who has a career in the glamor industry works incredibly hard behind the scenes.  Photo-shoots can last for hours, many more hours than you’d expect.  Being at the right place at the right time and keeping a tight schedule can be a handful for anyone, and it doesn’t really matter what type of activity is on that schedule, what’s important is that it’s full.  The misconception here, I believe, is based on people’s perception that busy, hardworking people are usually tired and unhappy.  Enjoying the work that you do isn't equivalent to not doing work at all.  These ladies are extremely hard working and can give your secretarial working girl next door a run for her money when it comes to productivity in the work place. 


 7. They Aren’t Safe To Be With. 

When you pay for time with a companion that is exactly what you are paying for, her time.  All of these women are extremely selective and professional.  Safety concerns ranging from fears for your health and fear of losing your possessions if you invite an outcall booking into your home are not things that need occupy your mind when booking time with one of our elite models as they are all interviewed by the team and fully verified as to who they are and what they are like as a person


8.  Their Work Is Dangerous. 

A shadowy, underworld element can be associated with this industry and this may have been extremely valid at one point but times have drastically changed and are changing still so for bookings made through the most elite agencies you can be assured that they have very stringent requirements for anyone joining their agency.  We at Elite City Escorts care just as much about the quality of our clientele as we do about the quality of our companions, and everyone’s safety and comfort level is of the utmost importance.  This is very much a professional luxury service, and any preconceived associations with danger is completely unwarranted. 


 9. They Don’t Lead Full Or Happy Lives. 

This goes back to the suspicion that these escorts have been coaxed into this business, and it isn’t truly what they want to be doing with their lives.  Different things are right for all of us at different times, and many models working even part time as escorts are living life in a way that they could only have dreamed of before.  Just because someone else may not be happy with these women’s choices doesn’t mean that they aren't.  There are so many ways to be fulfilled through this work, and as long as the models feel that it is a mutually beneficial way of living and working, then they can all say honestly that they enjoy the work and that it is worth it for the boost in lifestyle that has become available to them. 


10.  They Don’t Make Genuine Connections. 

While the arrangements model escorts have with their clients can be long or short time, and may consist of occasional overnight visits, or regular stays together at a luxury hotel, they are all very real connections being made by two people.  In this day and age most people connect with each other through technology of some sort, so when the work you do consists solely of being with others and being social, then you don’t have a choice.  You make real connections with people because they make a real mark in your mind and sometimes on your heart.  You get to be what each other needs, and that these days is rare.