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5 Agonizing Reasons Why Your Still Single And Lonely

 10 July 2015

Being single gives you time to pursue a career, you hobbies or your dreams however at some point most people want a relationship so that they can share their hobbies and dreams. In your case you’ve reached the point where being alone is just becoming painful and you’re the only one in your circle friends without a girl. Here are five things you can change today to start a relationship

Commitment, Marriage, Relationship Scare You

Your fiercely independent, your also fiercely opposed to losing your freedom, don’t want to settle down get married and end up losing half your assets if you get divorced at a later date and like to continue to use your local escort.

Here’s the thing once you settle down, you’ll meet women who are hotter, smarter, more successful than the woman your with and the painful thing is these women will be flirting with you because she sees you as a catch otherwise why would your woman be with you?

Knowing all of the above and staying committed to making your relationships healthy and prosperous for the two if you is what Men do. Get over your fear and give the unpredictable future a chance

Unwashed, Unshaven And You Smell? You’re a Slob

You’re in line at your local grocery and you see the hottest girl in the world just queuing up before you and you have the chance to say hi but you remember you need a shave, a haircut and last night’s pizza fest has left its mark on your inside out t-shirt and you've long since forgotten how to shower or brush your teeth

Your home looks like a tornado has come in and left every pile of odorous rags, and mildew laced socks over every living surface. When you need to go out for morning grocery the only check you make towards cleanliness is a quick sniff to make sure the body odor smell is still concealable by deodorisers

You look at the piles of washing you have to do and look at the piles of clothing that you think are washed and can’t tell the difference and the only way to make sure is to sniff individual piece of clothing on the off chance that they might be clean, then it might be time to look around, clean the grime off the mirror and  look at yourself.

Maybe It’s Time To Put The Controller Down

Taking down the last terrorist in the latest rounds in Call of Duty or scoring against your mates on the latest version of Fifa Football game can be pretty cool and exciting however your PS4 or Xbox One isn't going to be keeping you warm at night

If by some chance you managed to get a girlfriend between the day long rounds of Call of Duty watching you play can get very boring very quickly and if your girl isn't into gaming she’ll find other ways to occupy her time, probably with that hot guy from next door

So unless you’re feeling like playing with your own joystick for a very long time, put down the video game, get out of your home and enjoy the game of life

You've Been Lonely For Years Now You Smell Desperate

Women can sniff out desperation before you even say hello, from your nervous body language to the way your eyes are desperate to soak up all her beauty, your entire body shrieks out the need for some feminine charms in your life. Your desperation is a more effective repellent than farting in her face.

If you’re a genuinely cool guy and got her number, know a bit about her by having a genuine desperation free conversation with her by all means call her, send her texts and hook up to meet her for dates but don’t call her every hour, go crazy if she hasn't replied to your texts immediately and call her repeatedly because all you can think about is her.

All this ensures that she will never call you back and even worse she’ll save you as Asshole/Creep/Stalker number 301 on her phone book

Nice Guys Are Doormats In The Making

You’re the type of helpful, considerate and polite guy every woman wants, right? Not Really. Well maybe when she’s ready to settle down and get married she’ll think of you the nice, polite considerate guy who’ll make an awesome father but that’s after she’s dated all the jerks out there making her life exciting now and she’s enjoying the ride until then

Guys that are just a nice guy end up in the friend zone because your acting like a friend and not a lover, you’re simply too bland. Imagine a girl hits on you then backs off and does all sorts of nice things for you like do your housework; take you and your friends to eat out and the movies while agreeing to everything you say, does that remind you of someone?

Well to some women this kind of over the top niceness makes you the perfect doormat.

You don’t have to be a jerk or get caught in bed with an escort but don’t be afraid to show that you have your own needs that come first; it lets her know you have your own boundaries that she needs to respect. When was the last time you respected a doormat?