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5 Raw Reasons Why Married Men See Escorts

 10 July 2015

Here at Elite City Escorts we find through our ladies that many of their clients are married men or men in a long term relationship. These are men who usually book a companion because of problems in their relationship. They can’t seem to be able to clearly communicate their needs to their wives and resort to seeing an escort

So what are the basic reasons that make a married man see woman outside his marriage? Here is a list of top reasons:

1. Not Attracted To Their Wives Anymore

Many clients are married men who no longer feel attention or affection from their wives. Their wives get comfortable in a long relationship and not only do they get lazy in being sexy for their men which is a huge issue as a lot of men base their desires on looks.

They also show less love and attention to their man especially if children are involved as the wife has less time to mother him as she more responsibilities.

2. Their Sex Life Has Been Written Off For Years

Another reason that men mostly book a companion is that the passionate need for sex with their wives has died out and they no longer feel attracted to their spouse. This leaves a man starving for sex and ultimately this will drive him to cheat or see an call girl.

Dating a working girl provides a guilt free outlet to pursue no strings attached relationship. On the other hand some men are addicted to chasing women and can’t be satisfied with one woman no matter how good the woman, how much she turns them on or who she is to them.

3. Looking To See If They Still "HAVE IT"

If a couple have been in relationship for a while and their sexual relationship becomes dull and repetitive some married men may become tempted to see if they still “have it”.

However some are no longer able to go for a night out and pull a girl so end up using an escort agency to book a girl. It’s an ego boost for them that they are still capable of being a player and haven’t lost their high school mojo.

4. It’s Exciting For Him To Date An Escort

For some men the adrenaline rush of seeing other women who’s completely different from their wives is an addictive thrill. Think extreme sports in this case injuries are mostly to their relationship if their wives catch them.

The feeling of being caught out every time they book a girl or visit her is all they crave. Some even claim that they still love their wives but all they care about is the excitement of the chase.

5. The Other Half Makes Him Feel Emasculated

Some married men who see an escort say it’s because their wife makes them feel like less of a man every time they argue. They feel they are not treated like a man and their wife has lost all respect for them and shows it by demeaning or belittling them in different ways.

There may be perfectly justifiable reason for their spouse to nag and resort to name calling especially if they haven’t pulled their weight however all this does is drive them to seeing another girl who at the moment is completely the opposite of their wife and treats them better

So instead of belittling your man through name calling you should start communicating as a couple  since neither man or wife will be able to get to resolve their difference without both partners being receptive to each other’s needs and that’s really hard to do if both of you are hurling names at each other