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5 Simple Steps To Booking An Escort Online

 10 July 2015

It’s not always a good idea to drive up to a woman standing at street corner asking for a good time, not only is it illegal in most countries your safety and health isn’t guaranteed your also likely to be stung by the local vice squad and spend a night in the cells. Review the laws in your area and make sure you’re not breaking any


#1 Search Online For A Local Call Girl In Your City

These days no matter where in the world you work or live, it couldn't be easier to find an girl to keep you company, simply go online and type in escort plus where you live, for example just type “London Escorts” to see the amount of sites offering you the chance to meet a girl for a date at your convenience in London, most sites have similar layouts consisting of a homepage, gallery page, bookings, employment and a contact us. These sites are categorised as Agencies or Independents, with the agency run sites they are usually for a percentage of the escort’s fee people working for the call girl models by marketing her profile and services, taking her calls and making sure all her bookings with you are carried out without a hitch.

The independents are really self-regulating girls who work without an agency to take their bookings and they do all of their own marketing through websites and usually have a phone number on a personal website where they describe who they are and what they offer and many market through directories to get started with their first customers however it’s a tough job to balance which is where the majority of girls with a busy life style let the agencies handle their bookings.


#2 Choosing An Escort: Independent or Agency?

There are really no major differences between going with an agency versus an independent as most are professionals and usually provide a good service to newcomers and regulars.

To some going with an independent is a preference as they feel that an independent call girl can provide a more personalised service as these girls tend to answer their own phones and usually build a connection with their clients however due to this personal level of service these ladies can if they are popular be booked out for weeks on end.

Other girls specially those who may have a career in the glamour industry or other high profile jobs tend to use agencies at they are professional, able to do the marketing and advertising on behalf of the girls, take calls and ensure that only you the genuine client with a desire to connect with a beautiful girl get through and that they are quick and professional in setting up dates and with huge selection of ladies on their books they can ensure the escort of your choice gets to your date smoothly.

Whilst there may not be a personal touch initially with your girlfriend when booking through an agency you can usually rely on their professionalism to provide you with a date on short notice and have a huge selection of choices when it comes to selecting an girl who matches your personality once means the agency can perhaps match you with girls you enjoy spending time with and with a lot more variety when it comes to choosing your date and who knows maybe you will meet that pretty woman who sparks those flames again.

No matter which type of site you use to choose your escort, make sure you read their adverts and website properly and confirm it over the phone as it can save you some uncomfortable misunderstandings.


#3 Pick Up The Phone or Book Online?

Many agency sites usually have a number on the profile of your selected model along with a book now button. If you do decide to use the phone number don’t send the escort random texts most will not bother to send you one back due to the amount of time wasters.

You don’t need to know the ins and outs of her personal life well not until the date anyway, if you know who you want and are willing to pay for her time, it usually best practice to call her up and ask her if she’s available if not you can always send her a quick text asking for availability. Most Agencies and Independents will not pick up blocked calls so use a number you don’t mind being used to book an escort.

If your pressed for time or shy about calling up in person you can use the booking forms available on most agency sites and a few well-built independent websites, the response times tend to vary with the types of agencies you deal with, whilst some agencies and independents are quick to respond others can take up to 24 hours

When you make the booking specify who you’re asking for if its an agency, when and where you want the girl to meet you for your date and negotiate the price at the beginning so that there are no misunderstandings when it comes to paying her for her time.


#4 Where To Meet Your Escort

When it comes to meeting your escort you have the option of either having her come out to your place of residence or hotel which is known as an outcall or you can meet her at her place if she is hosting known as incalls.

When it comes to making an outcall booking make sure you that you give her you name, address or hotel room number along with your phone number. Some agencies will request you provide a landline telephone number it’s your place of residence or a hotel reservation number if you’re meeting in a hotel.

They usually ask for those details to verify you’re not a prank caller and that they know where the girl is for security reasons. If you’re meeting at her place, they will usually provide you with the closest location to their address and ask you to call them when you’re close so they can give you their exact address.


#5 Payment For Her Time

OK now you’re on the first date and you've just met her and it’s come to the uncomfortable question of paying her for her time. It’s best to get all issues of payment’s out the way within the first few minutes of meeting your date as it lets you get on with the more pleasurable experience of getting to know your date without worrying about payment.

 If you booked your date via an agency some will offer a credit card payment service while other’s including independent escorts expect a cash payment?   The best way to pay is to have the cash in an unsealed envelope with the correct amount and hand it straight over to her. If you want you can gently suggest she count the cash to make sure there no conflicts later on.