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5 Ways Real Gentlemen Invest Their Wealth

 10 July 2015

The Top 5 Ways Real Men Invest Their Wealth

When you’re looking to impress your lady there’s nothing like having the luxury to take her by carm drive you and your beautiful London escort to your private jet, flying to your hidden Island in the sun, diving into the clear blue ocean from your private exclusive yacht and to finish it off flying by helicopter to an idyllic beach side restaurant with an unpronounceable name that serves local delicacies and good wines.

So what do you look out for to get you started?


1. Noise Nuisance Complaints? Not On My Island

The first thing to do when you get your hands on a pile of new cash is to look for your own private island, now purchasing a private island can cost your bank balance anywhere from £3 million to £40 million or more. After you've bought your island, you’ll need to build the main residence and everything else to serve your needs such as the guest house for guests, staff house for the staff that will be looking after your Island getaway.

Of course you’ll need to have a dock for your Yachts and a helipad for your helicopter. Along with the staff and utilities running a private island will cost you around £150,000 a year….oh yeah don’t forget to build that run way for your private jets

Cave Cay Natural Beautiful Bahamas

Exuma Cays, The Bahamas

Price: £ 70,662,350 ($110 million)

One of the most expensive island getaways is Cave Cay located in the Bahamas, with stunning natural beauty and  easy access to the island, it has it’s own private runway, deep water harbor and a floating marina that can fit in 35 standard boats this £70m is totally self sufficient with it’s own water and power supply. You can await the apocalypse in your own private and self-contained paradise

Ina Island One Secret of the Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands, New York State, USA

Price: £1,476,843 ($2,299,000)

Located in the 1000 Islands region and with a price tag of $2,299,000, Ina Island features a history soaked property with 18 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and 6 fire places a lovely island to while away the hours away in your own world. This scenic island in one of the major tourist destinations of the world on the Lawrence River in New York State is the perfect getaway to re-enact the your Huckleberry Finn adventures

Then again with no neighbors close by you've  got more than enough room to fit your friends, the entire cast of Jersey Shore and some hot escort babes to party with you all night


2. Hate Waiting In Lines At Heathrow Airport? Get A Private Jet

Private jets are expensive to buy and even more expensive to maintain down the years. However if you’re the type of guy who hates five hour queues in Heathrow Airport and don’t want to be bound by any flight plaths and want boldly go in the directions of the wind then buying or renting a private jet can have its perks. Well if your wealthy enough to think about purchasing a private jet then a couple of million on fuel and maintenance probably won’t dent your bank balance. And imagine being able to load up your friends onto your plane and fly them out to your private  island


Owner:  Mukesh Ambani

Price: £46,851,911 ($73,000,000)

Mukesh Ambani decided he could do with a flying luxury hotel and had his Boeing Business Jet interior customised with a full featured executive office, board broom with plush seats and private bedroom suite. Powered by two General Electric Snecma CFM56-7 engines, the BBJ2 is capable of flying closer to 7000 miles and with a top speed of Mach 0.82 you can get to your destination a hell of a faster. What does this mean for the guy with deep pockets? The world is your Oyster


The Gulfstream 550 Jet

Price: £38,478,861 ($59,900,000)

With a price tag that’s close to £40 million you get one of the most luxurious types of jets available in the market. This jet can comfortably house 12 passengers and is the choice of many wealthy executives and travelers. Just imagine the possibilities, you and your mates dancing around with the Escorts grinding against the strippers pole miles above the Earth’s surface.


3. High End Yachts Now That’s Cruise Control

These days you’re not much of billionaire if you don’t having lots high-end accessories to your multi-billionaire lifestyle. Most wealthy individuals who are single and looking to impress the single ladies usually purchase a high yacht at the cost of around £5 million. The wealthy individual can relax in his large saloon with the widescreen TV and drink scotch while his captain sails around the world, from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean while he and his lady friends have wild parties on and off the yacht.

This high end toy can be expensive to purchase and maintain, they are around £1 million in maintenance and staffing costs and that includes salaries for the crew and staff, fuel, dock fees and insurance per year.


The Azzam

Price: £386,175,000 ($600,000,000)

(No interior pictures available )

When you have more money than you know what to do with, building the most expensive and the fastest yacht in the world starts to make sense. Recently the fastest and largest super yacht in the world was built named the ‘ Azzam’ the owners of the 590 feet steel and luxury decided they wanted to go faster, the luxury super yacht is able to maintain a speed of 37 mph at 31.5 kn.

The costs of the yacht are rumored to be around $600 million and the real owners of this super yacht possibly the Royal family of United Arab Emirate’s.

With one of these babies, you can travel in luxury with your helicopter in luxury, cars in luxury and all the Escorts you could possibly fit on the yacht and party hard round the world.


The Adastra

Price: £ 9,654,375 ($15,000,000)

As we know, not everyone is a billionaire or part of the Saudi royal family. If you don’t have billions of pounds to burn on a super yacht, you might decide to go down range a little bit and get yourself the $15 million Adastra luxury yachts. This is a multi award-winning beauty including the best naval architecture award for its design, which looks futuristic and has the aesthetic that would result from the mating of a Concorde and a spaceship from Star Trek universe, and to make you even more envious this sweet piece of sailing tech can be controlled by your Ipad


4. Helicopters For Guys Who Hate Traffic Jams

Do you really hate traffic jams? Then you have something in common with most businessmen or wealthy individuals who need to go from point A to B quickly and without waiting around for hours and hours in traffic jams just to get into central London for half an hour meeting. The helicopter is an ideal tool for the men with money we need to travel quickly and lightly without staring into the back of their drivers head for hours

Now to buy one of these bad ass helicopters you’re looking to spend around £5 million with the maintenance bill of around £1 million. Well at least you don’t have to take the cab ride or worse walk and spend hours breathing the fumes of London’s traffic.


The Sikorsky S-92 

Price: £10,938,803 ($17,000,000)

With a price tag that’s over £10 million the Sikorsky S 92 was designed as a multi-mission aircraft that can be configured and customised to the own owners needs and requirements. So if you need a toilet and require a shower whilst being ferried from London to Manchester then this bad boy of the chopper world has it all, the space, the luxury fittings and with a flight range of almost 600 miles and maximum speed of 194 mph this can take you to Scotland and back to London before teatime.

This has also been voted as one of the safest helicopters by the federal aviation authority in the USA. You can’t get any safer than this, so you might as well install a cocktail bar and a strip pole for your fast women. You do have the women right?


The EC 135

Price: £2,751,846 ($ 4,269,489)

The EC 135 helicopter will run you close to £3 million, compared to the Sikorsky it is a lot less pricier however it is just as opulent and luxurious. The interior of the EC 135 has been designed by Hermes the fashionable luxury accessories maker, the helicopter’s spacious cabin with its handcrafted calf leather seats and upholstery it can sit four people in pure comfort this helicopter has been focused entirely on the needs of the high net worth individuals.

Keep in mind that with its top speed of 178 mph and a range of 395 miles is only really useful for short journeys but they are a lot more comfortable than sitting in traffic in central London


5. Luxury On Wheels For Business and Pleasure 

A high end luxury car is one of the most common purchases for the insanely rich, if you have to buy luxury car make sure to purchase it with all of its accessories and upgrades to make full use of the car but if you don’t like driving, you can invest in hiring a personal driver. The most popular luxury car that is purchased by the wealthy and businessmen with loads of cash is the Rolls-Royce Phantom. Any yearly expense to run these kind cars can set you back at least £50,000 or higher for insurance, regular maintenance, fuel and of course the drivers salary


Maybach Landaulet

Price: £ 886,491.00 ($1,380,000)

The Maybach models may be a sinking ship as sales have seemingly dipped against competitors. However it hasn’t stopped Daimler from splurging out on one of the most expensive sedan is on the market with Zero to 60 in 5.2 is one of the fastest most luxurious cars ever made and it has its own convertible roof fully open at the rear. This luxury car especially made for CEOs and executives with personal drivers or wealthy individuals with of course their own drivers. However it seems like you paying at least $1 million more for just the retractable cloth panel that allows the rear passenger to view the skies. A $1m dollars for a piece of cloth is a price well spent.


Rolls-Royce Phantom

Price: £253,125 ($392,723)

The grandee of luxury, the ultimate vehicle for decadence and a testament to Rolls-Royces dedication to an elite level of craftsmanship to provide unsurpassed levels of comfort using the best interior materials and unparalleled exclusivity are Rolls-Royces hallmarks. A Rolls-Royce will set you back £250,000 close to $400,000, considered the world’s finest automobiles it doesn’t get better than a Rolls-Royce.

There are no diesel versions because lets face it fuel economy isn’t a consideration for wealthy shoppers, the ride quality is the benchmark for this luxury vehicle and tends to dominate the roads providing you with an effortless ride over London’s patchwork of roads

Well that’s it for our list of the expenses and investments that wealthy gentleman this year would require to show off to his lady and we will have a view more updates to our particular list of wealth accessories and possibly fashion News in the coming and foreseeable future.

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