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7 Things Lady Gaga Has In Common With Party Girls

 10 July 2015

Love her or hate her, there’s no way you can escape knowing who Lady Gaga is.  This world famous pop star took the music world by storm nearly four years ago, and she’s been a celebrity A-lister ever since.  Even if you know a thing or two about the singers background, and it’s not easy not to since it wasn’t to long ago that just about every cable network was running some sort of special programming about the singer and her life, you may not be aware of how many things the ultimate “Party Monster” has in touch with our party girls, the elite model escorts who are available to be booked for your parties and social events.


1.International origins.  

Before she was ever called Lady Gaga, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was born to Italian parents in Yonkers, New York.  All of our party girls come from interesting backgrounds and speak multiple languages as well.  


2. Education.

If you’ve spent time with any of our model escorts before, you know that a great deal of them have impressive educational backgrounds.  Most of the models found on Elite City Escorts are university graduates with degrees ranging from Bachelor's, to Graduate’s.  We even have a party model with a Doctorates.  Lady Gaga is remarkably intelligent.  She’s not just a marketing genius, and brilliant with publicity concepts, but was accepted to study at the Juilliard School in Manhattan at only 11 years old.  She was also one of only twenty students in the world to be granted early acceptance into New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.  Which she later withdrew from in search of artistic inspiration.


3.  The ability to further the careers of others in their field.  

Before her emergence as a bonafide star, Lady Gaga did a lot of collaborating with local rock bands in less than glamorous New York City night clubs.  She opened for New Kids On the Block when they reunited in 2008, and she wrote hits for sexy major names in pop music at the time like The Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears.  Party models can collaborate and bring business to each other by also working as duo escorts.  A good amount of them do.


4. Burlesque baby!  

Lady Gaga was discovered by singer/songwriter Akon, while she was performing the burlesque act that she created titled “Lady Gaga and the Starlight Review.”  A lot of our party models have had amazing photo-shoots with lingerie worthy of the best burlesque stages in the world.  We also have party escorts skilled in the arts of several seductive, traditional dance style like burlesque and belly dancing. 


5.  Thriving in the nightlife scene.  

Lady Gaga was well below the legal age for even patronizing a New York City nightclub when she had her first nightclub performance.  Even though she was presented with a lot of opportunities to approach her music artistically, and was talented enough to be able to take advantage of those opportunities, she thrived on performing for a crowd of real New Yorkers inside of an intricate part of the social lives of natives and transplants to New York City's up and downtown.  Party models are obviously well suited to these sorts of environments, and while they may not connect to an audience through music or creative performance, they are certainly able to draw the eyes of a crowd in their direction.


6. Working with big names.  

This may feel like a more obvious similarity, but it is easy to overlook the high calibre of clientele that party girls are surrounded by.  While major celebrities may have drastically different reasons for wanting to be around escorts who are willing to party all the way versus Lady Gaga, they are both sought after by the people that most normal individuals would die to meet.


7. Controversy.

 While Lady Gaga and these wild at heart girls both have long lists of admirers, they both have people who think they’re less than admirable as well.  Regardless of the reason, people tend to be objectionable, especially when analysing the value of something that a lot of people like.  This is also true for objectionable people when discussing something that is considered taboo or on the fringe of what is normal or morally right.  Something being controversial certainly doesn’t make it bad though, and someone else’s objections certainly doesn’t make your enjoyment of Lady Gaga or booking a party model off limits.  Tons of people like both Lady Gaga and party escorts, they can’t all be wrong, right.