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7 Tips on booking Luxury Travel Escorts

By Ashley 29 June 2020

It makes sense that you might not even know where to get started when planning to book time to travel with a luxury escort.  This is especially true if it is the first time you’re doing this, but that’s not necessarily the only time that it applies.  Let these seven helpful tips lead you in the right direction, and soothe the transition from anxious to totally relaxed. 


1.    Plan ahead of time.  I’ll begin with the obvious, just so you get a feel for how common sense all of this is, and how soon you’ll be an old pro at travel preparations of this sort.  There is a seemingly unlimited amount of information available online, and these resources include things like travel guides for cities, hotels, car or luxury concierge services, and anything imaginable that falls under the umbrella of travel related information.   Of course you’re visiting this site, and reading this very blog post because you know that there is valuable information to be had here, not only on where you’ll be going, but who you’ll be going with.  Keep in mind everything that you have in your power to have direct influence over, as far as this trip is concerned, and be sure to take care of those things as far in advance as possible.  You don’t want to do something silly like plan a trip to Phuket to sample the best local fare with an international travel model whose allergic to peanuts.  When you consider the fact that so many of the things that tend to go wrong on any vacation are usually the things we simply failed to plan for, it makes all the sense in the world that this would be one simple, but crucial tip to keep in mind, even if it only landed at the top of the list by coincidence.


2.    Familiarize yourself with your VIP luxury model.  Photographs, statistics, and even interviews are available for each elite, and model companion on this site.  That means that you can delve into each of their worlds before making a decision, or a phone call to commence with the booking.  Arrange sometime before the travel if you like, and if it is convenient for the arrangement.  It’s a great way to get a bit more comfortable before you jet away together for a weekend.  Even a brief phone call can help to put both of your mind’s at ease before she flies out to meet you, if that happens to be the circumstance. 


3.    Have an itinerary as soon as you know the trip will in fact be taking place.  One of the worst things I could imagine is walking through, let’s say the Vatican, and not knowing before hand that there are paintings on almost every ceiling.  Leaving me completely hopeless, and unsure if i’d seen the Sistine Chapel or not.  Or walking past not only a Michelin recommended, but also a separate Michelin starred restaurant, because I couldn’t find them due to the complicated grid system in areas of New York City like Tribeca, which if you didn’t know, is home to just about every place that you and your exclusive escort would want to stop by on a trip to NY.  My point is, a big part of planning ahead is to look into the city you’re visiting, and to plan an appropriate itinerary.  Don’t get me wrong, a nice part of vacationing is the opportunity for getting lost in some breath taking space, or just having unscheduled relaxation time to do what you want, but this doesn’t mean you should let things begin and end in your hotel room.  Read reviews, think about the things you like, and see how relevant they are in the city you plan to visit.  Take some time to find out what the locals, and the regular visitors of the destination like to do their to, and of course your travel companion may have some insights if you’re visiting a place that she’s been before.  Recommendations that may warrant last minute addition to your pre-existing itinerary as you chat about things on the plane.  Even if you are working with a luxury concierge service to insure that you don’t miss out on anything, it is still a collaborative effort, and in anything, you’ll want to bring something to the table, even if it’s just being able to say that you’d prefer to dine at places that use fresh ingredients from the sea on your Italian vacation.      


4.    Familiarize yourself with your destination, and your travel model as much as possible.  This is a good rule of thumb for before and after the trip takes place.  Obviously creating an itinerary and generally planning ahead will require you to look into the city, as it required you to look into the escort you’ll be flying away with, so how does it continue?  Explore!  Explore each other, of course I’m sure that it’s the bodies of our travel companions that come to mind when you first read this, but when you spend multiple days and nights with a person who speaks multiple languages, and lives such a unique sort of lifestyle, you’ll naturally be lead to exploring their mind and thoughts as well.  You may run out of previously scheduled things to do, or just feel that you could benefit from deviation, and you can.  Take a walk, find something completely underrated in the city of your choice, and thoroughly enjoy your new discovery as if you were the first person to have ever found it.



5.    Organize before you pack, if you’re going to do it yourself.  Say you want to visit one of the many opulent attractions in Dubai, with a couple of Dubai international models of course.  You may be going to stay in the legendary Burj, or even one of the newer hotels in the world’s largest mall and first temperature controlled city.  Maybe you’d like to experience the nightlife there with the aforementioned Dubai international models, or to shop for gold, and painstakingly intricate Persian rugs.  In any case, knowing what you are allowed to as well as what you will need to bring into a place like this, or any other sort that may have stipulations based on any manner of things, is of the utmost importance.  Three things to keep in mind when planning such travel are to familiarize yourself with the rules of the airports you’ll fly out of, the rules and cultural or religious nuances of the place you’ll be visiting, and your own personal needs during travel as well. 


6.    Be clear about any needs for personal time if going on an extended vacation.  This applies to both you and your companion.  You’re fairly new to each other, presumably, so getting tired of each other most likely won’t be an issue, but we are who we are.  You may like to read the paper and sip coffee solo in the a.m., don’t worry about coming off as neurotic or anti-social.  Make your companion aware.  You’d not only be opening up a topic that’ll save you, and maybe even her,  stress down the line if you don’t.  You’re also helping your companion to do a better job at making sure that you are having the best possible time.


7.    Fully enjoy yourself.  Every step of the way, from researching your luxury travel escort, to actually being on the vacation.  Enjoy every minute of it, and let yourself be totally submerged in this truly unique and fun experience that you get to have, while someone else you know is probably sitting at a desk with paperwork piled mountain high, or at the very least, an alarmingly high amount of emails to respond to, and phone calls to make.