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The 7 Worst Things You Could Do With Your Travel Companion

 10 July 2015

While your comfort level is very important, and the last thing that we want to do here is make you feel that you have to worry or be over cautious when spending time with our alluring travel companions, it must be said that not everyone is quite ready for what this travel entails.  Most of this information will be common sense tips and tricks, and I’m sure that to our upscale readers will take these as pleasant reminders.  For those of you though who have never travelled with a model escort before, then consider this an introductory class, and carefully study these ultimate don'ts for traveling with a model companion before booking today. 


1. Traveling to a dangerous destination. 


The world is so vast and there a many interesting, and exotic destinations to visit.  Traveling is good for the soul, and traveling to the places you’ve always dreamed of with a beautiful travel escort is good for the mind, as well as the body, and it is understandable that when you have the time and the means to go where you want with a model girlfriend who lives up to your ultimate feminine ideals, that you would want to, and you don’t want to wait on anything.  That said, even if it isn’t brought to our attention in our own news media, we should make an effort to keep up with current events whenever planning international travel.  Sometimes are better than others for visiting certain location, and even if it is unintentional, the last thing you want to do is expose yourself or your travel companion to unnecessary danger. 


2. Not being properly prepared. 


No matter where you are traveling or who will be coming along, it is always important to be prepared.  Be sure that you have all the proper documentation such as identification cards, passports, plane tickets, boarding passes, etc.  Also have copies of your photo ID and passport, as well as being sure to have backup plans as far as currency.  In the worst case scenario you can have trouble finding a place to convert your currency, not be able to use your credit cards, have your credit cards stolen, or lose all of your valuables.  It would be a very unfortunate situation for everyone involved if you were to be stranded in a foreign nation without the means to do anything.  Have backup plans in place and make sure that someone back home who can help you out of a jam knows where you are, and has a way to contact you.  Better safe than sorry.


3. Don’t be nervous. 


Your travel model will do everything in her power to make sure that you feel comfortable and are having a good time.  These woman socialize for a living and they are highly sensitive to body language and able to quickly pick up on cues that said, they are not mind readers or magicians.  Loosen up.  You have both come together to have a good time, and enjoy each other’s company.  Nothing has to be awkward if you don’t want it to be.


4. Don’t forget to be nice. 


Your travel escort is someone who you can look at with the knowledge that for many other men in the world she is absolutely unattainable.  She’s sexy and she’s smart, and in a way she’s unreal.  Here’s the thing; she is real.  Above anything, you must remember that your travel companion is another human being.  The entire reason that she can provide a incredible girlfriend experience, that she’s so enjoyable to intimately connect with, and that she is so entertaining to talk to is because she’s a person, a person who is probably a lot like you.  Don’t forget that you’re there to be in that person’s company and enjoy each other.  Be nice, everyone has fun when you’re nice.   


5. Don’t assume your travel companion won’t want to do the things you want to do. 


Your travel companion had an option of whether or not they wanted travel internationally or not.  She chose to make herself available for worldwide traveling because she wanted to see the world, so don’t try to shield her from it.  You may think that while you’d like the company of a pretty girl to travel to a destination like Monte Carlo, maybe it’s best if you don’t because that gorgeous model may grow bored with you spending too much time in the casino.  You may also think that maybe you shouldn’t book a travel companion for Brazil because you want to explore the wetlands and not just luxuriate in your suite the entire time.  When you book a travel companion through Elite City Escorts, we inquire about your interests in order to ensure that the travel escort by your side is the right one.  Once the trip is booked, be free, do the things that you enjoy, and she will enjoy them with you.


6. Don't assume that your travel escort will want to do everything you want to do. 


All of our escorts pride themselves on being highly adaptable to most situations, but with most things in life the occasional compromise must be made.  These women are not highly disagreeable, so be open to any concerns or reservations they may have.  You may have been dreaming of dining on fresh seafood near the Mediterranean, but be willing to be amiable if your companion is allergic to shellfish.  She will undoubtedly be impressed with your gracious way of handling things, and will most likely do something special to make up for it before the trip is over.


7. Don't forget to enjoy yourself. 


It is all too easy to forget that vacation is about pleasure, even if you are travelling for business.  You booked a travel escort to come along because you felt that it would be an added pleasure, so take pleasure!  You’re on a trip with a consenting adult, and even if it’s the first time you’ve ever formally been introduced, you’re going to get to know each other well so there is no sense in being shy or reserved.  Loosen up.  Before everything is all said and done, you’ll feel like old friends.