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8 Nutrition Facts That Keep Glamour Girls Looking Good

By Elena 21 November 2015

When you want to look your best, turn to those who already do for advice. Glamour girls have some of the most coveted looks and bodies in all of Europe and they know that the best beauty of your life starts on the inside. Here are their nutrition secrets.


One of the benefits of iron is that it battles anemia, a frequently occurring medical condition for many women, glamour girls included. It’s nothing to be ashamed of – just make sure that you’re getting your recommended daily dose and above of iron. However, not only does iron battle anemia to make sure you’re looking your healthiest, it also helps to give you thick, full, bouncy hair. It’s a win-win. If you don’t want to choke down a few huge iron pills every day, you can also find chewable gummy vitamins which provide the correct amount of iron, as well as find it in various food sources such as spinach, beans and chickpeas.



Omega-3 is a fatty acid that, until a few years ago, seemed to be relatively unheard of. The idea took the nutrition world by storm, however and now you’ll find nearly everyone popping Omega-3 pills, from glamour escorts to grandmas. These dietary supplements not only help with your heart health – they also help build the correct foundations for strong, healthy, great-looking nails. Most choose to get their Omega-3s in one, solid dose – in the form of fish oil pills. You can skip the pills and eat plenty of fish and nuts.


Vitamin A

While it’s often overlooked in lieu of Vitamins D and C, Vitamin A plays a huge role in the way you look. If you’re dealing with unnecessary dry skin or rough patches, you may have a lack of Vitamin A in your system to blame. You can take a multivitamin that contains your 100 percent daily intake of the vitamin, or you can choose to find in multiple food sources such as kale or sweet potatoes.


Vitamin B

Vitamin B is amazing, because it’s so handy and useful to almost every different part of your body. Vitamin B is particularly important to hair health. Have you ever looked at some of the most popular European glamour models and wondered how they got hair so thick and luscious, especially if they’re from an area of the world that’s relatively known for its frigid, dry temperatures? Their secret may just be a healthy dose of B-vitamins in their diet or on the side in a pill form.




So you’ve probably heard of probiotics and all the good (or bad) they can do you by now.  Doctors, dieticians and nutritionists have come up with all sorts of ways for you to get your probiotics aligned to give you a glowing, healthy gut, from pills to powders to yogurts. Probiotics do much more for you than just regulate your digestive system. They also help with skin health, fighting bad bacteria that causes acne and other skin issues.



As a female, your doctor has probably told you dozens, if not hundreds of times, that you need to be getting your correct amount of calcium, particularly if you’re no longer as sprightly as you used to be. Calcium not only helps your bones stay strong and fit, it also helps build up strong, whiter teeth and helps to regulate your hormones (something we could all use on occasion). You can find calcium in your normal dairy products, obviously, but if you have a more specialized diet, such as veganism, you can also find calcium in lots of veggies, too, such as kale.



Melatonin is super-important and your body produces it well enough – usually. The bad thing is, you can’t really find it in many foods, it’s just an over-the-counter sort of supplement. If you think you’re not getting enough melatonin, you could be suffering from a lack of beauty sleep and a totally messed up menstrual cycle – two things that every girl knows can make you look like a total monster.


Grape Seed Extract

No, you can’t find this powerful supplement by eating grapes. Instead, pick up a bottle of capsules at your local health store such as Holland & Barretts in London. This extract helps you fight a variety of maladies and it helps to rebuild your stores of elastin and collagen, which means that your skin, will look both firmer and smoother, erasing years off of your body.