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8 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Party Models

 10 July 2015

If you’ve been to a nightclub in a major city lately, or even to a cool, high profile event like a gallery opening or a film premier, you’ve seen parties full of girls who look to good to be true.  Honestly, when did women get this sexy?  When did sex appeal get to be so beneficial?  Every day we see women in very normal settings who look like they could be models.  They’re young, they’re fun, and they attract a lot of attention.  Who are these girls?  Where did they come from?  Surely they didn’t just appear when people figured out that they make parties fuelled by expensive champagne, and who knows what else, somehow more fun.  Here I bring you eight facts that you didn’t know about party models before.  You’ll love having this behind the scenes look. 

1. They Live Fairly Normal Daily Lives. 

You can’t have a hand in this business, or even just live in a city like the one I live in without meeting at least a couple of beautiful girls who don't do much for a living, may or may not be signed by a professional modelling agency, and maintain a nicely compiled collection of photographs.  These girls are lots of fun, and some even have relatively average day jobs, but they thrive on the party scene. They’re noticeably gorgeous all day long and even if they aren't working as technical incall or outcall escorts, they have found a way to make a living and enrich their lives with the help of their natural, social graces, and good looks.  They aren’t selected to be party models because they go crazy all the time, they are probably taking pictures on their phones for social media at your local Starbucks when the sun is up.

2. A Good Number Of Party Models Are New To The Business. 

I’m not saying that all party models are new escorts, although some are, but that when you are getting started in the modelling industry, being noticed in the nightlife scene can be a great way to network.  Modelling is one of very few professions where prospective employers can completely judge you on how hot you look and how fun you are.  It goes without saying that when a model is attending a VIP event she is dressed her sexiest, and having a good time on her own terms.  She’s happy, she’s vibrant, and she’s who you’d want to cast if you were selecting models.

3. Party Models Are Serious About The Business Of Partying. 

Party models may sometimes work other jobs, but when it’s time to party that takes priority over everything.  Sure it’s fun to be out, but when a hair out of place may be a sign of a wild girl’s night out, it isn’t necessarily attractive when working as a party model.  Party models know how much time they’ll need to get ready, and what time is best to get where they need to be, and they plan their schedules accordingly.  You can bet that if you see a party model sitting beside you in the VIP section of a hot nightclub, it was no last minute decision for them to be there. 

4. Party Models Are Great To Talk To. 

Granted it’s a real possibility that you may be at a VIP party or event in an upscale nightclub where you can’t even hear what anyone has to say because of loud music, perhaps being played by a celebrity DJ.  In any case, if you are able to sneak away for a conversation with a party model, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Most of the model escorts who are available to be booked through Elite City Escorts have university educations.  Those who don’t are still highly cultured and educated in the ways of the world.  You do pick up a decent level of cultural awareness while working as an international travel companion after all.

5. Party Models Have A Great Sense Of Humor.

There are a lot of choices you can make when becoming a model escort.  Those choices are unique to each model, and are important for them to be able to make because when you book a travel companion or someone for a weekend girlfriend experience, you want them to be comfortable being there and not awkward and obligated. Party models have made a decision that they want to be there for the celebrations in life, and the party models available through Elite City Escorts have proven themselves to be the perfect women to attend your parties.  Our party models are beautiful, young, and open to where the night takes them.  They appreciate life for what it and aren’t hung up on restaurant dates, or sombre evenings in. 

6. Party Models Are Incredibly Social. 

This may seem like a given, but when you think about it, aren't the beautiful women at upscale events usually isolated.  Talking infrequently, and almost exclusively to each other.  These are beautiful women, maybe they even work as fashion or glamour models, but this doesn’t mean that they are right for the role of a party model.  All party models love meeting people and are excellent at quickly establishing connections, making friends, and helping people to relax and enjoy themselves together. 

7. Party Models Are Often Up For Seeing Men That They Meet As Date Escorts At A Later Time. 

Any of the party girls available through Elite City Escorts come with an option of being able to be booked for a more intimate meeting at a later date.  None of our party models exclusively appear at events.  Most travel internationally, and all work as both outcall and incall escorts, as well as offering their services overnight.  They all have their areas of specialty and you can look further into these by reading the information near each of their pictures, reading their interviews, or calling to speak with our concierge and discussing your options.

8. Are You An Aspiring Model In London? You Could Be A Party Model Too.

We are regularly casting and all you have to do is click the “Model Casting” button available on the top left hand corner of every page of the site.