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Are London Escort Agencies Legal?

 10 July 2015

Do you need to relax and have a ball with a nice companion? Probably you are a London chap overtired of your hectic work and you don’t have enough time to even take a breath all day. Then it seems like a wonderful idea to seek the services of a girl working near Mayfair.

On the other hand, if you are a gorgeous woman searching for a way to earn a few extra British pounds, becoming an escort in London is a fast and easy method for this purpose at a first glance.

Whether you are interested in booking an elite escort or becoming one, there are many little details that you need to get informed about in advance. Industry-related issues are a delicate matter, since they differ in each country. Therefore, you have to learn what precisely the situation in the United Kingdom is when it comes to this kind of service.

The Big Question About Escorts In London: Legal Or Not?

The first and foremost question that usually pops in your mind is the legal dilemma: what has the British law to say about companionship agencies in London? It is reasonable to think twice before soaking into the world of an high end companion. However, you have nothing to worry about. In Great Britain it isn’t forbidden for any London escort agency to do its regular business activities, provided they are within the law allowances. The law of the country is unbelievably liberal at some points. British politicians have even visited the Netherlands in order to see whether they need to loosen up the rules a little bit more. They have wisely decided to keep the things the way they are, though, since the effects of some excessive freedom can be as disastrous as disproportionate amount of restrictions. That is why Great Britain chose the balanced and sensible way, as always. Escort agencies in London are usually 100% legal, but there are some lines that they shouldn't dare to cross if they are not prepared for the consequences.

Limitations Of The British Law For Agencies

When it comes to using services of high class escorts in London, there is a legal side that you simply can’t ignore. Learning what is and what is not allowed, is vital for your own sake. Keep it clean and don’t get into trouble by following the law in Great Britain and still having a great time with a fabulous London escort.

What is allowed by the law?

There are certain cases when it is absolutely legal to perform and use call girl services (and in some cases even intimates liaisons). It is legitimate when:

·         An independent call girl accepting her customers alone at home/indoors (i.e. incall);

·         A self-employed London model goes out on Dates for an agency;

·         The lady visits your hotel or place of residence (i.e. outcall).


What Is Illegal?

The list about restricted activities of the high end agencies in London is much longer, though. Most of them are quite down-to-earth rules and common sense that you should keep in mind:

Both The Client And The Booked Female Have To Be Over 18.

You are aware that the girl working in this industry has to be considered as an adult by the law, but you didn’t suppose that the same should apply to her customer, right? This restriction seems quite reasonable and if you accept it, you will probably have no troubles with the legal system of Great Britain.

Under No Circumstances Must The Agency Control Or Benefit From The Work Of Its Employees.

Such agencies are not allowed to force their workers to do anything against their will. Also, they shouldn't command them, but simply provide them with clients. It is illegal if an agency receives money in exchange of the ladies work other than the commissions for taking the bookings

The Services Of The Girls Should Not Be Offered Outside In Public Places.

Soliciting is also a crime. Disturbing others by obviously offering them to book an hour with a London escort (even with no words), is forbidden outdoors.

Kerb-Crawling Is Forbidden By The Law, Too.

If a client is searching on his own for a prostitute on the streets of London by kerb-crawling, he may have some troubles with the judicial system. Such arrangements should happen indoors.

There Are Some Legal Hazards With Outcalls If You Meet Outside Of The Hotel Room.

Calling an woman to your hotel room is perfectly legal. However, if you two meet somewhere in the lobby or the bar of the hotel first, you can be punished by the law. The same would happen if she goes there alone after your meeting. Dining or drinking together in the restaurant/bar of the hotel is only possible if the both of you go together from your room.

How To Do Incall Appointments

When it comes to an incall, make sure that there is no other lady in the house. Only if she is a maid or another worker like a trade’s person, there is no problem. Otherwise, the situation becomes risky. It is also illegal if another girl is offering her services in the place, even if it is not during your visit, because that makes the property a brothel.

Why You Need A Law-Abiding London Model Companion Agency

High class escorts in London might be relatively easy to find, but those that properly value their clients along with their companions and abide by the laws to operate legally in London these agencies are quite rare. They should have the knowledge required to protect both their clients and the girls. Put your trust on the right ones and you won’t regret your wise decision.