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How Escorts In Spain Are Holding Top Banking Officials To Ransom

 24 July 2015

In the midst of the financial ongoing crises in Spain, Madrid’s high-class models discovered a way to regulate the Spanish banking sector.  These ladies want to have their say by withholding intimate pleasure when seeing an executive bank employee.

To back this initiative the largest trade association for luxury call girls in Madrid has gone on a general strike on intimate services for bankers until they start providing credit again to families and small sized enterprises.  This stated when once of the ladies refused to service a banking official unless he grants her a credit card and a loan and fulfils his responsibility in society. 

The trade association is pleased with the action of escort agencies in Madrid as it will help re-invigorate credit flow back into Spain.  They believe they are the only organization in the country with real ability to pressure the sector.

To get around the obstacles, the bankers have made some attempts to book high class escorts by pretending to be doctors, engineers and architects.  But these bankers are not able to pass the agency gatekeepers, women are not easily fooled, as it’s been many years since these professionals can afford rates which start from 300 Euros.  Then the bankers became so desperate to use escort services that they requested help from the government to mediate on this situation.