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Your Brazilian Adventure With An Elite Model Escort for The 2014 World Cup

 10 July 2015

You’ve travelled to the beautiful, exotic land of Sao Paulo, and to top it all off, you’ve made the very wise decision of being accompanied by a beautiful, and adventurous elite model escort.  As you are already well aware, this is the experience of a lifetime!  If this doesn’t sound like you, there is no time like the present to start making decisions about next year’s World Cup, so allow yourself to be convinced by the following.

Where Do You Want To Travel To This Summer?

You wake up in the mornings, not only in the sought after travel destination of Brazil, but in a Penthouse Suite at the Belmont Copacabana Palace.  This 80 year old hotel has a rich history of drawing in the rich and famous.  The building itself looks like it was pulled right off the set of a glamorous film from the 1920s, fitting for the timelessly beautiful travel escort who will be staying with you, and it is of course situated near the famous Copacabana beach in Rio.  Six of the hotel’s seven Penthouse Suites feature beach views, while all provide the exclusive luxury of a terrace.  Exotic carpets, French textiles, and carefully selected art provide a wonderfully elegant feel to the interior of your suite, and when you step into the marble bathroom, you find that the shower and tub are separate options.  As a guest on the penthouse floor, you will be offered access to a private pool and wet bar with yet another exquisite view.  Butler service, and the novelty of a pair of traditional Brazilian slippers are the cherry on top of your delicious stay at Belmont Copa, with an endearing, luxury escort.

An exciting match, unity, and the potential honour of being named the best in the world for the next four years are really some of the strong themes of the World Cup games, however, we all know that such strong competition brings out the gambler in many of us, and even those who don’t go out of their way to bet on the games at least do some speculating on who will take home the Cup.  A man of distinction, such as yourself, will visit The Iguazu Grand Resort Spa & Casino with your VIP escort; the only full service casino on either side of Brazil’s powerful, Iguazu Falls.  A Roman bath and semi-Olympic pool are also located within the Iguazu Falls Spa, so perhaps after winning big in the casino, you’ll want to book one of the available guest rooms here for a bit of comparative luxury.  You and your elite escort will get to collate how your needs are met, and see how the luxury of old glamour at the Copa stacks up to this posh getaway, which sits on lush vegetation and is just ten minutes away from the falls.  The falls themselves are well worth making a trip to, they famously stretch along the borders of Argentina, and Paraguay, as well as Brazil. 

Whether its a World CUP game or a night out in Vegas be sure to travel by first Class


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As a special aside to anyone who isn't at the games but has the means and the urge to do a little impromptu, casino related travel of their own, it’s not too late to book a luxury travel escort, and make your way to Vegas.  Perhaps you’ll take one of the best London escorts and catch the match ups that you care about on one of the 23 television sets at Gordon Ramsay's Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace, and cruise the strip.  Careful though, all eyes will be on you, especially if you decide to go with a set of delectable duo escorts. 

Now no one expects you and a high class escort to go strolling through the streets of Brazil.  Of course not.  Even though you are here with ambitions of getting into the thick of things, you signed up for a luxury vacation, and that is what you’ll have.  You and your travel companion will be chauffeured during the entirety of the World Cup games, by CS Brazil.  This ground transportation company is based in Sao Paulo, so in addition to being smartly dressed due to a strict policy, the drivers will be knowledgeable of how to get where you want to go.  There's also a bilingual team of consultants who will be sure that you receive the best service possible from the driver who is most suitable to your needs, and those of your companion.  Their fleet includes options that range from SUVs and luxury Sedans, to helicopters and private jets.  That’s right.  Should you and your elite escort find yourself looking at the Iguazu Falls and suddenly craving some of the superb cuts of steak up for grabs in Argentina, this chauffeur service can get you there, in a helicopter, overlooking the breath-taking rainforest and local flora and fauna. 

Having decided on a chauffeur, the fears of drunk driving are now gone with the wind, and just in time for you and a couple of multilingual, super sexy, international escorts, to get out and enjoy all of the food, drinks, and nightlife that the city of Sao Paulo has to offer.  You’ve had a tame night in with your duo escorts, enjoying the Copacabana Piano Bar back at your hotel, it’s traditionally charming and you’re bound to spot the A-listers of Rio either having a drink for lunch or swaying to the beat of the live music provided by the bar’s resident pianist.  It’s sophisticated fun that falls perfectly in line with the hotel and it’s presentation of timeless glamour. 

As you made your way out during this time of year as opposed to any other, you’ll want to get the good old fashioned fan experience.  Juscelino Deck Beer is a bar near the stadium as well as a lagoon.  It is a perfect place for outdoor seating, and there is occasionally live music.  Many of the dishes serve two, making for a nice chance to try decent sized portions of the local fare with your elite escorts. 

Enjoy The Perfect Party Music With Luxury Glamorous Models This Summer

Most people would bring up dinner next, and while I’m getting to it, how often do you have a chance to go to one of Time Out’s critically acclaimed night clubs in Sao Paulo, with fun model escorts?  That said, dance under the open air at Casa 92.  It’s a 1950’s house that has been turned into a club, and if the open air happens to feel a little too cold, nestle up by the former residence’s log fireplace.  The nightclub feels like being at a the strangest house party you’ve ever attended, with all of your grown-up, post college friends.  The DJ decks are in the living room, not a-typical of your run of the mill house party, but the two tree covered courtyards in the back are crawling with socialites, media mavens, and rich kids, instead of your usual range of potheads and sort of well off kids who you’d find out back at an actual house party, among other things.  Each courtyard has its own bar and dancefloor, and you can expect to hear upbeat and danceable music like 80’s disco, and house.  Next door is an exclusive members only and VIP section “the house next door” or “Casa da Familia”, which opens to all on Wednesday nights. 

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Now to get to that dinner that you’re literally starving for.  Going to Brazil and not feasting at a five star Brazilian Steakhouse is bizarre, so a five star Brazilian steakhouse is exactly where you will go.  Porcao has three locations in prime destinations across the globe, not just Latin America.  The best by far though, is their Rio location, and that is what has broughten you here.  There is an eclectic selection of menu items, the grilled to perfection meats that you would expect from any Brazilian steakhouse worthy of calling itself that, gourmet options, and a reservation required “Jockey Club”

Now that you’re full and you’ve had just about all of the engrossing luxury you can take before you literally pop, get out and see what’s different about Brazil.  You’re with a travel escort and this means two things, that she’s adventurous and ready to see the world.  In actuality it means much more than that, but these two things are relevant to this segue.

There are numerous natural wonders to explore in Brazil.  I have already mentioned the Iguazu Falls, but that doesn’t even begin to cover it.  The environment here is tailor made for any daredevils looking to participate in adventure sports like ziplining.  The beaches, such as the previously mentioned Copacabana, as well as Sao Luis, Jericoacoara, Trancoso, Barra Grande, Boipeba, Morro de Sao Paulo, Itacare, and many many more on the Eastern Coast, are all beautiful, sunny destinations, where you can take your worries to die.  

There are more than 8,000 sports clubs throughout the country of Brazil, and so any fan of competition or athleticism can find additional sporting events to attend if they so choose. The Maracana Stadium was built in 1950, for the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, and is the second largest stadium in the world, seating 150,000.  It’s well worth the trip to this historical landmark which is a testament to Brazil, futball, and the fans.  The country of Brazil actually has five stadiums that can hold up to 100,000 people each! 

The Pantanal will be a once in a lifetime experience, full of wonder.  This Brazilian wetland is almost ten times the size of the Everglades, and is truly a time machine, encapsulating and taking you back to another time in our earth's history.  The Pantanal is the world’s largest freshwater wetland, as well as one of its most active habitats.  Jaguars, giant otters (if you knew those even existed), caimans (which are a lot like alligators), hawks, marsh deer, anacondas (this is a trip for the truly bold), and much more strange wildlife than you can expect to see even at certain zoos, live and thrive here, and you have the chance to see them all in person.