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Concierge Firms Offer Luxury Service In London

 25 July 2015

Arab Emirates are among the capitals wealthy that expect service at a moment’s notice.

London is facing an increase in the number of concierge films offering special services, including luxury female companion to the extremely wealthy clients.  Due to instability in many regions of the world, groups of wealthy people are coming to London to enjoy a better lifestyle. 

These wealthy individuals usually buy properties in very upmarket areas of Central and West London.  Its’ not just the Indian or continental Europeans, the Russian and the Arabs have also joined the ranks of overseas buyers of luxury properties.   People, who are cash rich, enjoy the luxuries of wealth but are time-poor and hence need the help of Concierge service offered in London Mayfair and Park Lane.

If you can afford a expensive concierge service, you would be required to fork out around £5000 per month, for which you will get 24-hour service, but you still be expected to pay for other costs.  Don’t think that just having the money allows you to sign up easily to a concierge service of your choice as there is a waiting list due to the overwhelming demand for members wanting to sign up.   Concierge companies do not just sign up anyone, as having too many members can degrade the service. 

Due to the influx of foreign property investors in London the providers of these luxury services specialise in looking after the needs of certain nationalities i.e. Russian Concierge offer services predominantly for wealthy Russian people.  There is so much that the staff at concierge companies do for member, which can include booking a plane ticket, hiring a limousine and finding a property for to purchase or a place to rent in London.  And For the discerning gentleman that needs some luxury female company can rely on the concierge service to book high class escorts in London.  If you do not have a concierge service, then you can sign up for VIP membership service that offers elite escorts by recommendation.