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Help! I'm Afraid Of Relationships Because Of My Small Penis

 10 July 2015

Are You Scared Relationships Because Worries About Your Size?

For one reason or another, you are convinced that you have a teeny-weeny problem – the size of your penis. You aren’t ready to reveal your mini secret to any British girl you know out of fear she might mock you. Scared of genuine relationships you start seeking other options, including call a London escort agency

Your Small Penis – Is There A Reason To Worry About It?

Take your time and think it over: do you have a real problem or not? The average penis size is about 5-6 inches in length, so if you are anywhere close to it, you might be exaggerating your troubles. Also, in case you are considering that you might have a micro-penis condition, be aware that then your member must be under 0.75 inches.

If you’re not in that range you can relax and breathe more calmly since you obviously don’t have such an issue! Otherwise, there is always a method you could use to improve your performance and pleasure, so again look at your options and take the appropriate actions!

When Is Everything Normal?

As we have just mentioned, if your size is about the normal, average one, there is nothing to fear. You can start a relationship with a girl you like. Being scared shouldn't put a brake on your sex life – every guy has been rejected by a girl at some point of his life. The important thing is not to give up at the first failure. Stick your head up (yes, the small one, too) and go on with the next partner.

Also, there are some women with tighter vaginas and in case you become intimate with one, you could both get the most of it (no matter how tiny you think your buddy is). Going anal is another option for men, who are just a bit below the average, because some girls enjoy it better that way.

When Do You Have A Serious Problem?

If you still think that your penis is your major flaw as a lover, maybe you need to take some measurements. Whether you have a micro-penis or just a bit smaller than the regular, there are a number of alternatives in front of you to make it bigger. Actually, making the member longer and thicker isn't a guarantee of satisfaction, because sometimes the techniques you use during the intercourse, are far more essential.

Your goal is to make you and your girl feel fantastic through mutual caressing and foreplay before penetration, right? You are in big trouble if you are unable to please each other through mutual attraction and a normal relationship, though.

What Are The Most Adequate Solutions?

There is a rich variety of choices how to cope with your problem with the intimate parts, because the industry always tries to take an advantage of your hardships. However, the available options like slings, splints, pills, creams, etc. often prove to be useless or maybe even harmful. Some experts recommend penis exercises as a natural way to enlarge your size, but their effects are still unclear. The injections you might try on, are just a temporary solution. On the other hand, an enlargement surgery is both expensive and dangerous.

Then what else do you have left as a method to bring the joy to your sex life. Should you just live with it? Don’t be too depressed and see the answer that is right in front of you. There are some genuine help out there have a look at this guy’s blog good looking loser where he gives tips and realistic expectations for getting yourself a bigger penis. Bear in mind that if you do have some serious penis issues it would be better to check with a qualified health expert

Could A VIP Escort Agency Be Helpful?

Calling a London escort agency might seem a strange suggestion to you, but it is quite reasonable. The elite London escorts are all professionals – they would not only be aware of the exact techniques they could use especially for you, but they would also never insult you or make you feel uncomfortable. Mayfair, Belgravia or Park Lane escort could make you feel like a man. She would turn your defect (by your opinion) into an advantage by showing you incredible sex positions.

The small penis is more flexible for foreplay and intercourse purposes and it is able to easily access orally and anally. Be a “student” of a few escorts in London and you will be surprised by the knowledge they have to give you, thanks to their long experience.

A high class escort in London can boost your self-esteem to levels unknown to you. Having the necessary confidence, you could hit on an attractive girl, date with her, and have an intimate moment with her, without being bothered by the small penis issue any more.

After all, once she gets to know you, she wouldn't care about your tiny disadvantage you have been so ashamed of. In case your future girlfriend still feels uneasy, you can always try different positions until you find the most suitable one for your case.

Your Strategy For Elite City Escorts And Girlfriends

Once you have become a regular customer of a London escort agency, don’t stop until you have finally improved your performance. Even then you could still choose to visit them, since you would already know what a wonderful experience this is. Enrich your repertoire with some positions and techniques the London escorts are showing you and apply them to your new girlfriend. Some of the most beneficial positions for you could be:

The Doggy Style

The good old doggy style (doing your girl from the behind, while you are both on your knees) is a position that makes the vagina tighter during the penetration.

The snake

This position also involves a penetration from the behind, but this time the girl should lay on her tummy and you should be on top of her.

The rabbit Ears

Ask your partner to lay on her back. Then spread her legs until her knees are almost touching her ears.

The V

Similar to the rabbit ears, during the V position the girl is lying again with her legs spread apart. However, this time, they shouldn't bend in the knees. You have to be holding them up in the air and supporting them, too.

Be Innovative! Create Your Own Moves

Try new things until something works. Each individual can determine on his own what is best for him. If you book an elite London escort, though, keep in mind all her expertise and use it