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Help! My Wife Is An Escort, What do I Do?

 10 July 2015

Tillie (currently an elite London escort) and I met in high school for the first time and we used to have arguments all the time. Honestly, I couldn't stand her back then, thinking she was a total stuck up ice queen. She wasn't very keen on me either and she even used to mock at me for my serious and calm nature. Being one of the coolest girls in the class, she seemed to have nothing in common with me. Who could have guessed we would be able to build a family together?

Our relationship kept changing all the way from fighting each other to talking for hours and making out in the back yard of our school. She was quite an experienced lover, because I knew that Tillie has had a plenty of other boys (and even older men) before meeting me. Having random hook-ups with guys was like her hobby: she was insatiable and so was I. We have often joked that Tillie could become a high class escort in London, since she really had some remarkable skills in that aspect.

Tillie had settled down with me in London and worked as a waitress while I was trying to obtain a higher education degree. She turned out to be the most caring and loving woman I ever knew and our love kept growing stronger. Right after my graduation, everything had spun around quite fast and before I was able to realize, we were already a married couple with a new-born baby. We were living in our small lovely home and basically, we have achieved what we have only dreamt of.

Then I started noticing a change…

Soon after our child was old enough to go to the kindergarten and we were struggling financially to pay off some debts, Tillie decided it was high time she start working again. I had a decent salary to support my family, although we couldn't afford anything luxurious. Seeing how eager she was to help with the finances, I just let her look for an appropriate job. Tillie made me so happy when she rushed into my office with a smile from ear to ear announcing that she had found some work in a bakery in Park Lane.

She was a really good cook and housewife and I believed that these skills of hers were going to finally pay off. I didn't suspect, though, that the career path she had chosen required quite different abilities. I got used to Tillie taking only night-shifts and only seeing her briefly in a few consecutive days, since I was working during the day.

I wanted to visit her at her workplace, because I missed her so much, but for some reason she wouldn't let me know where it was other than to say it was in west London. Tillie’s vague answers were making me feel suspicious. Another odd thing was that she kept making expensive purchases. She couldn't possibly explain to me how she was able to do so with a supposedly low wage from a bakery job. The ridiculous excuses couldn't fool me and one day I finally found the shocking truth.

I had just put my son to bed after an exhausting day at the office when the phone suddenly rang. I picked up the phone just to hear a female voice urging me to come as soon as possible to her London escort agency, since I was too late for a booked meeting. I told her that this is probably a wrong number, but quite confused, she explained me she was looking for Tillie. We had a short and at times gut wrenching conversation afterwards that left me shocked and stunned

"I simply couldn't believe it – I was absolutely shocked that my wife was working as a high class escort in Park Lane Hotels!"

The owner of the agency in Mayfair, who had just called, delicately informed me about the situation, because I wouldn't let her off the phone until I knew all the details. After I wasn't able to sleep that night and I kept thinking on the matter over and over again.

Should I Go On Like Nothing Has Happened?

I kept asking myself where did I go wrong and what should I do, I kept thinking on what a failure I was in not being able to get rid of our debt and afford the small luxuries I knew that Tillie had always wanted. Those questions and self-recriminations tortured me throughout the night and it remained unanswered until about 4 am when I heard the front door quietly opening. Tillie has slipped home and headed to the bedroom until she noticed that I was in the living room with no expression on my face, I felt emotionally numb and sick. I looked straight into her eyes and asked whether she really worked for a companion agency in London.

Tillie confessed with a trembling voice that she couldn't find a decent job in this economy and when she found out how much a high end call girl made, she knew that was the only way we could get our creditors off our back, so she signed up to an adult dating agency online and started to see many clients who booked her for £250 an hour, the words kept tumbling out of her mouth and I could no longer bear to hear those terrible words come out of my wives lovely lips, her wet eyes were pleading me for forgiveness as if she just realized how much she had hurt me . I stormed out of our home at once, because I had an irresistible desire to shout and strike out at anybody even if it was my wife, now a high class Escort.

I Finally Made Up My Mind!

Staying in a hotel out of town for a couple of days trying to drown myself in whiskey, I called work telling the boss that I was sick. I was an emotional wreck but I still loved my wife and we had so many things going for us, I had the time to consider the situation carefully and slowly came to the realization that my beautiful wife had done this for us, who was I to blame her for going to earn money to put food on our table. My wife had become an elite London escort – it just seemed surreal. Despite the fact that she truly has a gorgeous body even after the birth of our child and despite that I was aware of her previous addiction to men’s attention, working for a London escort agency was something I still couldn't accept and comprehend. Gradually, everything begun to fall into place as I added up all the things she had done, all half-truths and evasive behaviour of my wife I come to two conclusions:

We Needed Help Becoming An Escort Was A Choice.

I couldn't change her or force her to quit working for the VIP escort agency. She has always enjoyed juggling with many men, but I know she chose me to be her partner for the rest of her life. She chose to stay with me

"Happily Married With A Gorgeously Sexy Elite London Escort"

With these thoughts in my mind and some sound reasoning helped no doubt by the whisky, I chucked away the empty bottles and hurried back home, since I couldn't stand living without her and my child any longer. When I entered my house to my surprise and dismay I saw her right there waiting in her nightdress, her shaking body on the stairs, looking desperately alone her eyes were red and she had been crying! My heart broke and I told her I loved her and no matter what she chose I would always be there for her, tearfully, she cried out that she was sorry that she hid the truth and that she had always loved me and ran straight into my arms.

At this moment I realized that putting Tillie in a cage and creating jealousy scenes to soothe my ego was never an option in our marriage – I have always given her the freedom she needed. I decided I didn't mind sharing time with others. Therefore, taking money in exchange for her services as a high class escort in some of the most glamorous parts of London wasn't that much of a problem if it made her happy. After all, she hasn't changed even a bit since starting to work in that escort agency. I was however concerned about her safety, but later on I made sure that the agency’s owner was taking proper care of all the girls involved.

I really trust the London escort agency that she works for currently, because I already know that the customers are selected gentlemen and her colleagues are incredibly beautiful and kind women. All our financial troubles have disappeared at this very moment and we couldn't be any happier.