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How a 40 year old virgin can make women feel seductive

 10 July 2015

You are still single and just hit 40 working in a dead end job without much prospects and nothing seems to be going your way, your friends have settled down or are in an intimate relationship. The people you see around you are either successful in their careers or doing something interesting with their life.  

You feel that life has paused and the world is moving around you.  You have never been successful in dating or having an intimate relationship and you are still a virgin, out of desperation and loneliness you have been watching several YouTube videos on ‘PUA bootcamp’ but even with these videos of guys picking up hot model chicks on the streets of London, especially around Oxford Street and Covent Garden where you see hordes of PUA’s chasing girls, you still lack the confidence to approach women in the right way.  All you really want is some advice on how to spruce up your life and get out of this painful social isolation.


Nothing Wrong With Being A Virgin

Ironic as it may sound, but there is nothing wrong with being a virgin at 40 and if you watched the movie ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’, you will realise that being in this situation it’s not the end of the world. Although the thought of knowing that out of all your friends you’re the only 40 Year Old Virgin and all your friends and relatives probably think your weird for being a virgin mean’s that you have reached the end and are so desperately lonely, you’ve even contemplated using an high class escort agency.

Just know that you’re not alone there are plenty of virgins out there over the age of 40 and that includes men and women, sometimes it’s actually an individual’s personal preference to remain a virgin because for them its vitally important to meet the right person before getting intimate.

Some people get lucky sooner and others are just destined to meet their lover at a later date, but if you are in neither of these categories you may need some good dating advice to help you along the way. This article will introduce you to some approaches to use to get women to become very seductive.

So say you’re walking in one of the leafy suburbs of London close to Hyde Park, when you meet a women that you really like, so you introduce self to her and if she doesn’t reject you by walking across the road and you manage to get a conversation started but you don’t really know how to make your intentions clear that you want to date her sometimes it’s the body contact that may initiate any mutual intimate feelings.  Make sure that she gets used to you touching her otherwise she won’t know you like her as a potential date.


Making New Friends

There is nothing wrong with shaking a ladies hand on first meeting.  Ideally you should make sure that the palms are not sweaty and be careful not to shake too hard, otherwise she may feel that you are generally a hard person or just another average. Most of all make sure that your hands don’t shake; otherwise she may suspect that you are nervous.

A handshake that always works is the ‘freemason’ shake. For those that are not familiar with this; it’s a handshake, where the middle finger is retracted back whilst shaking hands to provide her with a feeling of a bulge, and instantaneously she should have a smile on her face intrigued at what this shake meant.  If the feeling is mutual then you sure are in luck!

If it’s raining you may just want to count yourself even more lucky when meeting her for the first time you can offer her an umbrella or whisper in her ear ‘baby you're so wet’.  Now if her mind is just as lusty as yours she may just respond to you by flirting back with you. Women also have needs and her intimacy may just well be hidden in the conversation to get you to make the next move. You can use same technique if she was to drop her drink or spill some water.

But do make it sound like a regular part of a conversation by stringing along a few more innocent topics, like your dream destination and long walks along the beach where you both hold hands while walking. Make sure you always hold her hands or touch on the arm if talk about doing anything physical together.

One word of warning if she reacts badly to you touching her or shrinks away, take the hint and wish her a good day as there are plenty of fish in the seas of London.


Long Distant Relations & Short Distance

You may be at a start of a long distance relationship and very keen to meet her for the first meeting.  You spend hours taking till the early hours of the morning and she still is not sure if you are the one for her.  You pull back from suggesting that you meet as she may think that you are moving too fast.  Your feel sure about here and want to get intimate as soon as you meet so what do you say to make her intimacy swing your way?

You could start with saying ‘I can’t wait for you to come over’.  This absolutely sounds innocent, and depending on the tone and what you say afterwards, she may just take up the offer with intimacy in mind.

Finally if your first meeting was a success, but things are still very platonic.  You may want to start seeing her more often and if you get that far in your search for good looking lady with some passion in your life, there may still be a long journey to get close to her.  Most men give up at the point where things are just not going their way and become so frustrated from the lack of feminine company they go far as booking an elite escort if they can pay the price.


Patience Is A Virtue

Patients is a virtue and you just need to give her some time as women want the feeling of being valued rather than just seeing someone rich VIP person who has a palace in Park Lane and a lot of money.  You just need to make sure you are natural as possible and she enjoys your company.  

That’s when feelings will be mutual and if you were to go for a day out, you may just want to make your next move. On your next date, you book a table for two for a light lunch at a top Italian restaurant and make sure you meet her at Bond Street Station for window shopping then take a short walk down Regent Street and eventually the two of you should walk around in Hyde Park and get carried away with how much you enjoy each other’s company.

When you eventually finish walking, she’s had the time of her life and after you finish your date with a nice romantic evening dinner at a Michelin star French restaurant hidden in the heart of Kensington & Chelsea then is the time to look into her eyes and say ‘Baby I can’t wait to go inside, with you’ and then take her by the hand and grab a taxi straight home.

So here we have it, there is no need to search for a high class escort in London.  You just need to be more confident in your approach and have trust in yourself to attract women who can see the real you