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How Do I Tell My Boyfriend His Penis Is Too Small?

By Peter Richardson 10 July 2015

“The story of how a London Escort helps restore a guy’s self-esteem about his small penis”

You have just met the man of your dreams in the beautiful city of London. He is perfect in every possible aspect, except for one. The issue that is troubling you seems shallow and tiny (as tiny as his penis). Yes, that is it – the small penis size of your new boyfriend is torturing you, but you are unable to admit your disappointment. Actually, you wish you could push him into the hands of the first London escort you see, because you don’t want to be the one that will let him know about his noticeable flaw.


Why Is The Confession Difficult?

First of all, you know very well how hurtful such a statement will be to him  - it will hit right at his male ego. On the other hand, you have a feeling that you are being unfair to him, that you are too demanding and that it is just a minor problem. Don’t worry: you are not a terrible person.

Having certain personal priorities, you simply need to trust your instinct. Are you truly in love with that guy? Can you make the sacrifice to stay by his side and help him improve sexually? Is it worth all your efforts? Just be honest when you answer yourself these questions.

If you respond positively to them, then you can start working to find out a solution. In case you say “No” to the queries, be as kind as possible when breaking up with him.


Try Different Positions To Satisfy The Needs Of Both

Staying with your boyfriend and trying to help him without letting him know that the small size of his penis is bothering you, is not an easy task at all. You need to do it gently and smart. The first one of your tactics can be experimenting with positions during sex. Thus, you might be satisfied without getting into details. There are some positions that could bring you pleasure even with a penis that has quite a modest size.

The classic doggy style is a simple alternative that guarantees a deeper and tighter penetration. If you are curious for something new, try the snake – you need to lay on your belly, until he is on top of you. The V and the rabbit ears positions are also good options for you.

The first one includes you, lying on your back with spread legs, which your boyfriend is supporting, while the latter is the same, but bringing your knees almost next to your ears. Suggest these tempting changes and there is no way he wouldn’t like them.


Carefully Suggest To Him Some Treatments

The variety of appropriate sex positions could also be an unsuccessful endeavour, though. This is probably the moment when you need to lead that conversation concerning his little buddy. The member of a guy can be small due to some chronic weakness, hormonal deficiency, over masturbation and many other natural causes.

Be patient and understanding while explaining him this fact. Also, inform him that you have no intention to give up on your meaningful relationship over nothing. He has to comprehend that he needs some kind of treatment or method to have a quality intercourse with you.

There are a lot of creams, pills, splints, slings and other effective (or usually ineffective) remedies on the market, including painful injections with a non-lasting result. A qualified urologist can perform an enlargement surgery to help your guy increase the size of his member, but there is always a risk and you probably don’t have the funds needed.

Search for some exercises for penises, too, since they are a natural way to make it bigger. Trying everything is great – it means that your couple is really concerned about the issue. However, there is an extra plan that you haven’t thought of yet.


Call An Escort Agency To Help His Confidence

After your announcement, your boyfriend’s ego is probably somewhere near the zero. In order to boost his self-esteem by showing him how attractive he is, let him meet an elite woman from one of London’s elite agencies. You could even arrange the event on your own! Get in touch with a high class call girl working in London and let her know about your issue beforehand.

By preparing her, you will make sure that she will be as tolerant as possible with your boyfriend. These girls are also skilled in mystical arts such as tantric sex and will also know what techniques should be used to help your boyfriend, because technique is always more important than the size of the man’s penis.

The great benefit is that your sexual relationship would improve with the help of this girl from an agency that cares about you both. You will both apply the positions and methods she has taught him to reach the apex of satisfaction.


Book A Session For A Threesome With An Elite City Model

Why not joining their party? Let your guy know how open-minded you are! The three of you can have some passionate fun. As an addition, learning suitable erotic moves and techniques from the best therapist will be much easier if you see and feel them for yourself.

Your boyfriend will simply melt when you offer him this opportunity. No doubt that you will also like being caressed by another girl. If you do so in front of your partner, he will go crazy. Turning him on like never before and having these hot memories together are a step forward in the development of your relationship. Just call a VIP escort agency and see how the small penis issue vanishes in an instant.