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How Do You Become An Escort or Stripper in the UK?

 10 July 2015

Thinking Of Becoming An Escort Or Stripper?

Living in London for a while, you are so desperate to earn some cash that you have already considered starting to work in a strip club or a VIP escort agency. It may sound like a joke, but these actually are some possible options for you. Think it through carefully before doing anything drastic, though. What are the best tips on how to become a stripper or a high class escort in London?

How Do You Become A Stripper?

Although most clubs are open to hiring a new girl, you need to make your own research and preparation before rushing into it.

Go On A Visit With A Friend

Grab a male friend if you can, and walk in the first UK club you find full of dancers doing exotic striptease make sure it looks interesting from the outside and that there is a discreet entrance for the strippers. When you are already inside the place, you need to keep your eyes open in order to find out whether the club is classy or trashy. The upscale types are arranged for workplaces in the best possible way and they welcome only gentlemen that would tip well. They require more official clothing than neighbourhood clubs in London, which are the best playgrounds of beginners. Try avoiding dive bars/third tiers where your audience is not selected and some regulations are also missed out.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask!

Except for looking around the place, gather more information about the work conditions for a stripper there from the girls themselves. Make your own inquiries and ask as many employees as you can in order to get a profoundly honest answer. Question them on vital issues concerning the job like: is there a charge for working, do they have to tip out, etc.

Tipping out is the term for sharing some percentage of your cash for the evening with the club and it shouldn't go over 50%. After your short conversations with the exotic dancers, you will be convinced that this is the right place of your choice or that there is no way to work there. If you have decided you want to take it a further step, look for the manager and explain that you are interested in a stripper’s position in the club. If you are lucky enough, you will get an audition but be aware that there is steep completion among elite strippers!

Prepare For The Audition

Think of the audition as a job interview like any other… except for having to take your clothes off during the process. What can you do in order to make a good first impression with your looks and dancing? Make sure you have the right clothing and shoes for that purpose. A sexy pair of high quality shoes in a combination of some attractive and expensive lingerie with a thong under are the basic items of a stripper’s wardrobe.

Even more important is to practice dancing and taking off your clothes, but always keep your heels on, since in the club they would be probably the only thing you wouldn't take off. Get used to this and to the fact that you wouldn't have very much personal space performing such a job. Also, the dance moves would seem completely different with and without the shoes. There is this little, but essential detail: use a stage name – either something that suits you, or an exotic name. Try to get in shape a little, but keep in mind that strippers of all sizes and shapes can be appealing for the club’s customers.

What About A Transition From A Stripper To Escort?

Selling your dancing skills while scantily dressed for tips at the club might be a job you are definitely willing to try, but becoming an elite companion has its advantages as well. There is a reason why many strippers shift professions and become a high end companion in Mayfair, Belgravia, Park Lane or Paddington. Already comfortable with clients that enjoy their beauty, these high class girls are often tempted by the chance to charge more for their efforts. That is why they decide to go for a whole new experience – offering their time and services through a reputable agency though be prepared to travel as most of these really exclusive agencies are usually located in London.

Escorts don’t have to sweat on the floor dancing like strippers do, although they might need to have good confidence in their ability to join their clients on the dance floor. However, in case you don’t mind meeting strangers at odd hours of the day or night at various locations, this task could even be an enjoyable one for you. As an addition, there are a lot London escort agencies that prefer you to serve only as a companion of the gentleman, who has booked your service so having confidence in your looks and social ability will give you the edge.


How Do You Become An Elite City Escort?

You know you want to be an escort in London for a multitude of reasons, but there is something that has still remained unclear: how does the whole process happen? First, learn some of the basics:

Be safe and always let the owner of the VIP agency (or somebody else) know where you are going and when exactly you will be ready. The same applies to all meetings - protect your own health.

Feel free to refuse to a client – there are no strings attached after all.

Never pester the client for money directly, gently remind them the fee required if they don’t give you the fee within five to ten minutes. If they are shy you can ask them to place the “donation” on some piece of furniture inside the room.

You have two ways of becoming a high class escort in London:

Working For A VIP Escort Agency

Do your own research online before contacting a particular agency. When you have already made contact, ask for all the information you are curious about. Learn more about the safety, screening, protection, etc. The safety of the girls should be the agencies most serious advantages as they are able to look after you while you work and screen the clients before they send you on a date. Usually serious problems don’t occur if your part of an Elite London Agency as they tend to screen out a lot of dangerous, strange and weird clients, in case you’re worried make sure the agency owner outlines their screening process.

As well as screening the clients beforehand most agencies tend to ensure you get regular bookings with a proper advertising and spend thousands of pounds on competitive SEO every month to make sure that they are ranked on well-known search engines. You are also able to meet some colleagues there and share your professional experiences. The main issue that might trouble you if you are part of an escort agency in London is that you don’t take all the money you have earned for yourself as most high class agencies charge from 30% per booking they make you and that you might have to be ready to work any time as clients tend to call at all times of the day so that you don’t miss that big booking. There have been bookings of £3000 for clients at 2am in the morning!

Being Self-Employed

The greatest benefit of being a self-employed as an independent working girl is the absolute freedom – you are your own boss. Therefore, you set the rates for your services, choose your workdays, your customers and the most important – all the cash goes straight to your pocket! However, this can turn sour since you are not protected enough when you are practicing the profession on your own. You also need to create your own marketing strategy. It could involve: escort review board, website/blog, ads, referrals by a word of mouth and some virtual marketing methods like using the social media. Another aspect is to check your customer in advance with the Escort blacklist database and at the National sex offender registry. Also, determine an appropriate incall location.

Working as an escort in London has its advantages and drawbacks, but there is one essential point in this business – without enjoying yourself, you will probably not make your client happy as well. Try having some fun while earning good money and your attitude wouldn’t remain unnoticed. Gentlemen who see a girl with a happy attitude tend to leave feeling great about the date and will always come back to book you for another time so like any other job excellent customer service always wins in the end

Thinking of becoming an elite London escort? Head over to our model casting page to see if you have what it takes to earn your own financial freedom and go on a your own adventure