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How To Book A London Escort For A Date

 10 July 2015

Your international travelling has brought you to London, but you are alone… and lonely. You are hectically considering different ways to pass your free time, but they all seem boring when an idea comes up in your mind. Why don’t you book an exclusive girlfriend for a night? Just the thought of it makes you shiver with joy! There is another problem in front of you, though. How can you make sure that you will get the most out of your experience with a girl that you really like? You need a compatible companion and they don’t grow on trees.

Picking The Right Elite City Girlfriend

First of all, since you are a foreign traveller in this country and city, you have to start a short research via the Internet. The web can be a reliable source of information if you know what to look for and where. If you don’t want a disastrous first date with a London escort, you might like to do the following:

Find out which companion agencies in London can be trusted. For this purpose, it is good to first find a directory of these agencies, which are adequately and objectively selected. Then you should pick a few of them to check their services.

Figure out what type of a high class girls in London are you looking for. What your preferences are – do you like blondes, brunettes, busted, etc.? You need to book a girl that is attractive personally to you.

Be realistic about the sum of money you can afford. Plan a budget and stick to it – don’t waste your time viewing the ads of high class models in London you are unable to pay for.

Check out whether the photo of the girl is real. An Elite City Escort is always going to claim that the picture in her ad is her own. There are many fake images of other girls or even models, though. In order to find the truth, you can look for some reviews/comments about the particular model available on the web. Another option is to use a photo checking service.

Don’t be too particular on the phone! Use code words and be discreet, after all such a profession is related to extreme privacy. If you say everything too directly, there is a chance that she may hang up the phone.

Be Cautious When Dating An Escort In London

You have already arrived at the incall location, but what do you do next?

Make sure there is nothing suspicious around you. Don’t hesitate to just walk away if something doesn't seem right.

Where should you keep your wallet? Leave it in the car and take only the bare necessities with you, as well as the money you are about to donate to your new girlfriend.

Place the exact amount of money you have agreed upon, either in her hand or on the night stand/table. This donation is presumably for her time.

How To Book An Overnight With A London Escort

You want to spend the entire night with an escort from London. However, it is not a wise decision to book an overnight with an Elite City Escort without even knowing her. The problem is that you might not enjoy spending so much time with her in case you don’t like her enough. What can you do then? Probably the best possible strategy in such an occasion is:

1)     Book a short session with a London escort according to your taste. Just mention that you might like to extend the date, so that the VIP agency and the girl would keep it in mind.

2)     Answer yourself: Is she a pleasant companion? Would you like to spend more time (and money) with her?

3)     If everything goes smoothly, let her know you would like an overnight. In case you aren't satisfied, you can always call the agency for another girl who would meet your expectations. Of course the more the agency knows your tastes the better for them to let you know which girl would suit you best