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I'm A 30 Year Old Virgin Guy, Is this Normal?

 10 July 2015

'm A 30 Year Old Virgin Guy, Is this Normal? Advice From An London Escort

You have just turned 30 and you are still a virgin and stuck in London with loads of hot sexy girls and you have no idea what to do to get these girls in your life, you’re probably considering putting an end to your virgin sex symbol by booking an Elite City Escort just to feel normal.

Being a virgin at 30 is not a bad thing however you have to ask yourself what's holding you back from fulfilling sexual life, you’re here because you don’t know what do any more. You’re asking yourself whether your situation is normal, over and over again. Sure, it is perfectly normal… for a monk! No, seriously, there are a lot of people that have survived without sex, but you don’t need to torture your body and mind by being stuck in a hole. If you feel like losing your virginity then you need to take action

Why Being A Virgin Can Mess Up Your Health And Mind

There are a number of health benefits of having sex regularly. Your body needs it and you shouldn’t deprive it of the delightful and essential human experience. Some of the numerous advantages of saying a final goodbye to your virginity are:

Your mental health will be balanced if you are not practising abstinence. Any possible anxieties and depressions can be suppressed by the sex-emitted endorphins, which make stress diminish. They also make you feel happier. Being happy is very good for emotional health

You lose some weight, because thanks to these bedroom exercises, you are going to burn a lot of calories.Having sex is often more effective in coping with various stresses of work than prescription painkillers.Being sexually active can be helpful with some more serious health conditions as well, because it boosts the immune system.

Do you have a troubled sleep? Sex is able to improve the quality of sleep, since it relaxes you and calms you down.

Probably the most important benefit for you is that you will become much more appealing. Sex urges your body to produce pheromones. These useful chemicals are responsible for attracting the opposite sex.

Would A Girl Notice You Are A VIRGIN If You Don’t Admit It?

Women are sensitive enough to notice some signs that you haven’t made the first mark on your belt yet.

If you are acting too shy whenever you are touching a girl (especially an experienced one), she will suspect that you might still be a virgin. A guy, who has had sex already, is quite confident in himself when it comes to caressing each part of the female body. He also concentrates mostly on the intimate parts, unlike a virgin would do.

The latter often asks for permission to touch you here and there. A virgin guy will look like he is feeling uncomfortable in a situation related to physical intimacy.

He would even kiss odd – uncertain of what he does, the virgin wouldn't be too aggressive and passionate. It is very likely for him to close his eyes during the gentle kissing.

Last, but not least, a girl can tell that you are a virgin if your orgasm was extremely quick (maybe even before penetrating). Some men have trouble with premature ejaculation, but it is also a sign of relatively poor sexual experience. Most guys reach an orgasm in less than 2-5 minutes during the first times. You are able to control yourself and prolong the time after the third time (or even later).

Want To Lose The V Card? You Need Some Preparation

Have realistic expectations: you can’t perform like a sexual athlete at your first time! However, you can at least prepare yourself better, so that both you and the girl could enjoy each other’s company.

You need to let her know that you have never been with another woman before. It might be embarrassing, but it is fair to reveal the truth.

Practice holding in while masturbating. Just before you think you are going to ejaculate, stop, wait a bit and then go on, thus, preparing to last longer during the real deal.

When you are ready to take the next step, make sure you have enough condoms on hand.

Be clean at the time of the event, don’t ignore your hygiene! You could also trim or shave your pubic bush, but it is again a question of personal preference.

After you have already begun, don’t rush in. Be careful and slow, so that you can catch up with the rhythm and feel the pleasure. Feel free to improvise in order to gain more experience on what turns you on and what excites your partner.

Your first time: find a girlfriend or date a high class escort from London

You have an overwhelming desire to lose your virginity or maybe just get used to touching girls but should you go and try finding a girlfriend  (it could take you ages to muster the courage and also your lack of confidence can off putting) or enjoy a one to one coaching session with a professional London escort just to experience how to date a high class girl? To answer these questions, ask yourself:

Can I start dating any girl while I obviously feel like a virgin and can’t even seem manly in her eyes?

Would I feel comfortable to admit to a woman I'm a 30 year old virgin?

Am I confident that a girl wouldn't reject me or hurt my feelings with her reaction to my little “problem”?

Can I impress a girl and have a serious relationship with her, if I feel anxious about my virginity?

Do I feel depressed every time I chat up a girl and keep thinking I'm a virgin and lose all confidence?

You may need to consult a VIP escort agency to get a bit of dating experience if you answer yes to at least two of these questions! The staff there can help you find a lovely, understanding escort in London, that wouldn't judge you for your awkwardness when it comes to dating and being a sexual man.

Actually, an elite London escort would probably like to be booked by a guy, who isn't pushy or rude. Sent by an escort agency in London, she would know her responsibilities and how to turn your first time dating a gorgeous hot woman into an exciting, laid-back experience. Therefore, you wouldn't have to worry whether the elite city escort is impressed or not, because she will try to impress you, she will want to make your first time dating a woman feel special.

If you truly lack dating confidence and want to make love to your future girlfriend or wife without any pressure Book a coaching session with an hot London escort from an Elite London escort agency and you may find that being a 30 year old virgin really isn't that bad. Get your confidence back in being a sexual man!

Need some dating advice from hot escorts? Call Elite City Escorts and book an appointment, you really don’t want to be the guy in the picture below.