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Vanity Fair Magazine - For Men or Women?

By Sarah Miller 25 July 2015

Vanity Fair has long been regarded as an arbiter of taste and style by yet it’s read by both male and female

Vanity is the excessive belief in one’s ability or attractiveness to others and speaking vanity in broader sense can mean egoism and pride, which can mean appearance, qualities, abilities and achievements.   If popular culture, fashion and current affairs are important to you, there is no reason to read vanity fair whether you are a man or women.    Female readers that may include actresses, rich housewives and new models interested in fashion and males readers may be more interested in politics and business.  The magazine also has some hot topics on Hollywood, blogs and photos that may be appealing to everyone.

The magazine was very popular in the USA, but now also has a good presence in more than 4 European countries.  For those interested in gossip, will be enlightened by headlines such as ‘In Defense of Dating Eliot Spitzer: An Apologia Concerning the Love Gov’.  The magazine has some glass and elegance as it’s certainly out there to attract the discerning, the rich, and VIP’s.  Many of the stories are about princes and royals from around the world.  Just browsing through the photo section, you will notice pages grand palaces, mansions and luxury lifestyle, and the video section exhibits a fair share of firm awards, Oscars, celebrities and cover girls.

The magazine has a ‘most popular’ section along with subscription for members.  If you want to see new trends in fashion by glamour models you can view the slide show.   For those looking for the best news can read the featured section to make sure that their reading experience is the most entertaining they will get from an online magazine.