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What Attracts Super Rich Playboys To London?

 10 July 2015

London’s Super Rich Playboys: Sheikhs vs Oligarchs

What brings the Super Rich of the Middle East and Russia to London? Is it London’s accessible location to far away visitors or the cultural background of a city that never sleeps? Probably not, it is more likely that London is a magnet to the rich and famous looking for a city that becomes an adult play park full of party girls available for those with the money to spend and those looking to splash their money on the exquisite, fun and vivacious living that London can provide.

A plethora of wealthy visitors from Russia and the Middle East make up a majority of entrepreneurs that spend some of their year visiting and enjoying the UK’s hottest city destination to become part of the elite club. London’s Fashion week in February is a magnet for those rich enough to invest in some of the most cultural and modern designs that are inspired by the busy cosmopolitan skyline that is London and its designers. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be seen in the latest designs especially if they have the resources to buy!

The polo matches reserved for the upper class and royalty brings the sporting of London's Super Rich Playboys out to play whilst rubbing shoulders with those of a similar ilk and bank balance. Polo is also perfect for the shrewd wealthy looking to invest in a thoroughbred horse for their own studs. Whilst further afield the regattas of the Thames and its subsidiaries make a perfect summer afternoon break and another opportunity to mix with those of large wallets whilst maybe meeting a like-minded cultured  lady to spend some time during their stay whilst sampling a glass of champagne.

With London providing a mixture of restaurants and bars that appeal to all there is always some establishments that particularly appeal to the rich and famous. The Momo is a North African restaurant with a bar and café terrace that is situated between Savile Row & Regent Street which makes it the perfect stop for food whilst visiting the high end retail shops and bespoke tailors of London. Its relaxed atmosphere and choice of varied food makes it the perfect pad to be seen and spend.

The Ivy restaurant is at the heart of theatre land and therefore attracts those in the public eye as well as those with a bank balance to enjoy the stylish British dishes that are supplied in the most luscious and stylish surroundings. With The Ivy being a favourite with the likes of the Beckham family, this paves the way to a popular destination for those looking for the high life amongst the famous.

The evenings are the perfect hunting ground for the London's rich Playboys. Casinos and clubs for the rich are an event in themselves. With those in the know going to the best and most exclusive that the London capital has to offer. One port of call for London's wealthiest looking to take a chance at a casino would be 50 St James. Even the name itself hints at it being an exclusive in the know’ destination. This casino is for members only with plenty of opportunities for London's Super Rich Playboys to gamble their money on American Roulette, blackjack, Casino Stud Poker, Punto Banco/Baccarat.

Those that have been fortunate enough to visit will know that this casino is for the upper end suit wearing clientèle – so no having to rub shoulders with those looking for one armed bandits and tacky plastic money pots here.

And after taking their chances with the casino then the London's elite socialites have a great choice of nightclubs to drown their sorrows or spend their winnings. With high end nightclubs such as Boujis and Raffles in Chelsea or the nightclubs of Mayfair such as Annabel’s and 2&8 providing the perfect night-time hunting ground for suitable ladies to spend the evening dancing and drinking whilst being played music by the best of the London DJs there is no wonder that the days are not long enough for the London's playboys.

Annabel’s and 2&8 are located around Berkeley Square in the well to do neighbourhood of Mayfair. For opulence then Annabel’s is a must for London's richest players whilst 2&8 is situated in the basement of Morton’s Private Members’ Club and provides a casual but refined way of spending the twilight hours, but be warned these clubs are inaccessible unless you name is on the list, a privilege that is reserved for only the famous, those in the know

So where do they super rich retire to after a day’s busy socialising, shopping and partying? Well it is not surprising that London is the perfect place to invest in a high end holiday home. The most favoured areas for the rich and famous include Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Belgravia, Chelsea and Regent’s Park being high on the list for our party seeking playboys. Whilst the super-rich may have a budget that we can only dream about a telltale sign of a high end property are those listed with POA (price on application).

With swimming pools and handy helicopter pads plus sumptuous houses that can be filled with equally sumptuous furnishings there is something for everybody located in the leafy high end areas of London. Don’t forget that the high end motor trade will happily supply you with your Zhonda, Bentley or Ferrari to fill that empty garage.

For London's Super Rich that don’t want the ties of a London home the Dorchester Hotel and The Savoy provide the perfect accommodation to rest a weary head. With opulent surroundings and a choice of suites to suit these hotels make the perfect crash pad during their London adventures. With concierge on call 24 hours a day to make sure that all their requirements are catered for it is not surprising that these hotels remain on the top of the list for wealthy visitors.

For the London's Super Rich Playboys that look forward to spending their money in the boutiques and designer studios there are plenty of select shops to choose from but most of the super-rich will browse with the help of a carefully selected high end personal shopper who will steer their way to the most exclusive or products available.

From London’s Liberty store a wealth of interior and designer clothes can be brought under one roof from existing designers to those up and coming designers that will be the talk of the town. This provides the perfect place for the ladies and families of London’s super rich to spend, spend, spend!

One shop for the stylish wealthy Russian or Middle Eastern gent would be the Dunhill store which offers the very best in classic high end menswear and apparel. Hidden from the masses this store provides a customer service and eye for detail that simply cannot be brought with an average budget.

So why then is London an increasingly popular choice for the rich from the Middle East & Russia? Quite simply London is a cosmopolitan city with an eclectic mix of people all bringing aspects of different cultures, interests and spending power to one city.

With London benefiting from the high investment of a refined and high end traveller it is not surprising that London will continue to attract the wealthy along with plenty of opportunities to spend their money which is imperative to helping the local London economy. With jobs for those within the fashion industry, hotelier chains and investments looking at continued security whilst London continues to work its magic on the wealthy attaracted by its lure.