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Where to get the most special spa treatment from?

By Eva Esposito 18 February 2017

Luxury models in the UK are hired by expensive hotels to give the spa treatment. You can enjoy their services by goings to the exclusive spas that are recommended as the best and help you relax. You can enjoy the best luxury spa in England where you are in the gentle hands of gentle ladies. Spa is actually a treatment through water, in other words it is a therapy that is for your physical treatment not necessarily with water now a days. Today it includes a vast variety of treatments. People spend a lot on spas to be in the hands of UK escorts.

Places that are famous spas in London:

Luxury model is a part of the service that you get from a spa. There are numerous of them in London and you can surely get one for yourself at an affordable price. These UK escort girls help you get relaxed and you are treated as prince and princesses in them.

1.     Akasha Spa

It is a magnificent place for you get calmness. Extremely clean and gorgeous, it serves you with many different therapies including the 18 m pool that has been edged by a sauna. You feel yourself at home here with the best UK escort to look after you. An almost 50 minute session is of 120 pounds which also includes the hydrotherapy, Shiatsu massage and mediation.

2.     Agua Spa

It was opened in 2000 and still it is recommended as the top most spas. There is also a Mother Nature pregnancy message present here. In it you lie on a warm water bed and Aromatherapy is applied on you using perfumed oils. You are massaged all over with oils by female UK escorts to get an ultra-soothing effect. You are also offered hot stone manicures and massage with Rococo polishes.

3.     Aman Spa

You are massaged in oils here with the use of hot towels on heated beds. You will just feel yourself in a Malaysian spa beach. It has amazing pools tiled with black and with waterfalls in them. It is situated in the basement of Connaught Hotel. Your high class UK escort can ease you.