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6 Reasons You Should Choose A Russian Escort

By Sasha Valentine 22 December 2017

Russian women are celebrated around the world for their stunning good looks, slim, sexy bodies and innate sense of style. So Russian escorts are in demand everywhere by discerning gentlemen who appreciate the finer things in life. But what is it about these Eastern European beauties that enthral men from London to Dubai and everywhere in between? Elite City Escorts has some of the hottest escorts in London, with many Russian call girls, so we know a thing or two about what makes these escorts so prized. Here are six reasons why you should make a booking for a night with a sexy Russian escort.

1.   Russian women are known around the world for long legs, slim bodies and glamorous good looks. You will never see a Russian escort without lipstick, nail polish and a professional blow dry. And Russian girls really love fashion; so expect them to be dressed sexily from their coat to their skimpy, sexy lace thong and half cup bra.

2.    They are very open minded in bed and have a very kinky streak. There is nothing duller than going to bed with a woman who just lies there, and that is something that you never have to worry about with a Russian woman. They can be dominant or submissive, but they are always dirty and will ride you for hours. If you have any special kinks just let us know and we can find an erotic Eastern European escort to fulfil your fantasies. Many men have secret sex fantasies that they cannot share with their wife or girlfriend, this is where a playful Russian escort will come into her own, and turn those dreams into a hot, panting reality.

3.   All of our escorts from Russia are multilingual and highly educated, so you are sure of having great conversations as well as having a stunning, sultry girl on your arm.

4.   Our Russian call girls are classy, impeccably dressed and very chic. You can trust them to turn up to any date, whether it is for a night out in London, or for a quick, sexy hour in your hotel room looking amazing. If you want to wow your boss at a work event, or have a date for a party, you can guarantee that heads will turn as you walk in with a hot Russian on your arm.

5.   They are exotic and erotic. There is something so damned sexy about the Russian accent, especially when it is talking dirty to you in bed.

6.   They have the ultimate seal of approval. Even Putin admitted that Russian hookers were the best in the world. Elite City Escorts thinks you will agree once you have had an erotic evening with an erotic, sensual gorgeous Russian call girl in London.  

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be with a Russian escort, trust us when we say that it is an experience you will never forget, so make a booking now for a night of extreme erotic pleasure.