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Why Do Mayfair Escort Girls Love The Investment Banker?

 10 July 2015

As the world begins to recover from the worst financial and economic crisis since 1929, it is now time to start treating yourself with everyday essentials that just make your life better…

Nothing Beats The Power of Looking Cool Like The Latest Iphone

We will start with the best smartphone the world has ever seen, the Apple iPhone 5S, the attention to detail in crafting this marvellous wonder of technology created by Apple makes you think this is something “Made in Switzerland” that you could wear on your wrist. But it’s not just all about looks, this is the safest smartphone ever made with a bio metric reader that allows you to unlock your phone with just a thumb. The new fingerprint reader makes it impossible for your wife and/or girlfriend to unlock your phone and see kinky messages you been texting to your busty secretary! The software is by far the safest and easier to use ever seen on a mobile platform. The processor within is the fastest ever seen and it will allow you to manage “booty calls” with up to four different girlfriends. You will definitely need it to text fast and manage all of your contacts. And to have enough room for all of the dirty pictures you will take, you should go for the 64GB model. Can you imagine yourself without it?

Time is Money Right? Make Sure You Show How Valuable Your Time is By Wearing It

You have your own business and sometimes you can’t use your phone but you still need to check how long you have to wait for the London Stock Exchange to open so that you can monitor your portfolio. And you have to do it in style, which is why you need a 2013 Patek Philippe 5960 in platinum and it’s purely mechanical, self-winding and it even comes with a chronometer…

Dress (And Feel) Like A Boss In Your World

Most likely, you are managing the wealth of some of the wealthiest individuals on the planet and when you meet them, you just have to look good by wearing something like a Brioni custom made suit, some of which can retail for £2000 and if you want to look like the suave gentleman banker that you are who can hold your own against the financial villains of the world, then you can't go wrong with ordering yourself the Brioni custom made Vanquish II at an eye watering price of £26000 this premium suit is made up from three of the fines materials that the  worlds rarest animals can provide with fleece plucked from the exotic Vicuña in the Andes, to Pashmina wool made from the fibres obtained from the Pashmina goats which only reside in the mountains of the Himalaya's and Qivuit from the Muskox that roams Alaska, so a world class gentleman really can't go wrong with a world class suit.

And since you spend so much time flying back and forth from London to New York City then you should do yourself a favour and visit their flagship store in New York when you have free time.

Now time To Get Serious And Invest In Some Wheels

Now we have to get serious, you have to show everyone the economic recovery is here and best way to do it is to get a 2014 Bentley Mulsanne. When you leave you flat in Mayfair and you drive something like this, it shows the world you are a serious Investment Banker and a Gentleman of good taste. This beautiful piece of British and German Engineering is the most luxurious and refined vehicle that was ever made. It packs a new 6.75 Litre V8 Twin Turbo with so much power and torque that you never need to worry because you will never, ever be embarrassed if you have to overtake a sports car on the M40 on the way to your Country Manor…

Speaking of sports cars, you might want to get one for “cruising” on a few quite B roads around the Home Counties and for that you will need something special. What you want is a 2014 Ferrari F12berlinetta. First of all it is just beautiful; it is so pretty that words alone cannot describe it but I will try! Driving this on the weekend is guaranteed to get you some “action”. Try driving it around in Chelsea or Belgravia and you will see the models turning their heads towards you and not the other way around! Remember this is a very powerful car with a 6.3 Litre V12 producing 740 CV and you have to pay attention on the road… Let’s be honest this car is a magnet for the think you like more in this world!

Your Home Is A Statement To The World

If you are looking for a new place to live then you should try One Hyde Park, rumours say that a £5.25m one bedroom flat just got repossessed… This is probably one of the most sought after buildings in London where you can use the concierge services of the Mandarin Oriental and it comes with a fantastic view over Hyde Park. Despite the price tag, this property won’t be long in the market and most likely it will be bought by an Russian oligarch looking to stash his model Escort.

A Weekend Break Means Getting Away From Europe

You work hard and you are entitled to play hard too! Get some company and fly to the Seychelles where you can enjoy the Sun and have some peace and quiet moments at the Banyan Tree Seychelles. It is tropical heaven; imagine you in the company of a beautiful model, wearing a small bikini and the unspoiled beaches of the Indian Ocean. When you return to London, your productivity will triple…

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