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International Escorts for Companionship during the World Cup

 25 July 2015

Elite Model Escorts - 2014 World Cup | Elite City

Top Glamour Models – Your sexy travel models for the World CUP

With all of the options out there for finding elite London Escorts you’ve decided to search Elite City Escorts, and with good reason. For an event as big as the World Cup, which only comes around every four years, you want to reach out to the absolute best Escort service in London. No one else will do. We have beautiful women who bring unique qualities to the time they spend with you, and whether you’re after Russian escorts, blonde escorts, or any other variety of high class escort, we are here to make sure that you only have the best selection to choose from. As a result, it’ll be hard to go wrong.

As you will be traveling with a luxury escort, the importance of going first class all the way is very relevant for you. There are many people who simply just go to the World Cup. They don’t get tickets, VIP or otherwise, and this year, a startling amount of people came out and set up tents on the beach instead of renting even the cheapest hotels. You may or may not be a die-hard soccer fan, but this is for certain, you want a companion who fits right in with a circle of VIPs, you want the type of five star accommodations that you’ll be made aware of from the travel section on Elite City Escort’s blog, and you want VIP tickets or nothing. Why wouldn’t you? The VIP tickets to the World Cup are truly something special, and if you didn’t go for them this time the following breakdown of the FIFA Hospitality Programme ticket package is certain to convince you to go VIP for World Cup 2018.

While we have many high class escorts available to choose from, the top model escorts are available to members only and it is the ladies from that category of elite escorts that I will be recommending for travel to World Cup events, as well as companionship specifically for dinner and dates. While all of our ladies are absolutely phenomenal in their own way, we understand that everyone in life is better suited to some things than others, and it is through the specific qualities of these selected escorts that I am certain in my abilities to present them to you as the supreme choice for your travels to Brazil, either for World Cup matches or for the many luxurious, non-soccer related activities that cities like Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro have to offer.

Nikita is another great recommendation for dinner and dates. This Russian escort is one of Elite City escorts best model escorts. All eyes are sure to be on the two of you as sit down to a meal at a five star establishment, some in envy, some in admiration, and none in indifference.

Lastly in this short list of recommendations of top international escorts who happen to be the best for dinner and dates is Angela. This bombshell is a stunning blonde escort. She is a German import who speaks five different languages, and is renowned for the girlfriend experience that she provides.

Now it’s on to the top models for travel to World Cup events. These are the adventurous ones. They’re in it for the excitement of exploration and seeing the world, and they are who you want when you’re in the mood for fun that stretches beyond an evening of quiet luxury

First up is Tanya, she’s sexy, adventurous, playful, multi lingual, and at 5’11 with dark features, she’s likely to be mistaken for a Brazilian model while out on the town. Lola speaks Portuguese, the language of the land, along with a couple others. She left university in favor of being able to see the world, so all of the art, culture, wildlife, and daring architecture in Sao Paulo will be a sumptuous feast for this lovely travel companion.

Last but certainly not least, we have Lorena, or Amira. Lorena is the type of companion who is versatile, and fun in many settings, and comes highly recommended by her clients as a girl who has earned a great reputation in the field. Amira, who has been taking London by storm, is currently one of the featured models on our site, and is described as naughty, and enthusiastic. Trotting through the streets of Sao Paulo, she’s bound to be an attention grabber. If anyone decides to get a little too fresh, it will be the perfect opportunity to come to her rescue and speak up for what’s yours for the moment. This is sure to gain you extra points with Amira as she loves possessiveness and the feeling of being owned.

Of course there are many more options, and a list of available World Cup escorts can be found under the tab entitled “World Cup Escorts”. Zdenka, for instance, is a young, Slovakian escort, just waiting to be shown the world by someone like you. She self describes as spontaneous, and while she professes having a sensual and knowing touch, she believes that stimulation truly begins with the mind.

Claudia is a high class model who offers an enviable girlfriend experience. She’s a leggy blonde babe with dazzling, emerald eyes, and she is ready to accompany you on your trip to the World Cup, as well as any international travel that you’d want her along for in the future.

Beatriz is a slim and curvy “Spanish supermodel”. When asked about her ideal date she explicitly mentions an interest in learning about and exploring different cultures, so being in a place like Sao Paulo with this beauty will be an interesting time for all involved.

Olivia is absolutely marvelous. She not only cares about the fun for herself, which you’ll want to be sure that she has, she cares about making you feel good. This Spanish, stunner is prone to delightful, fun, and intelligent conversation. She speaks both English, and Spanish, and has a university degree.

Marketa has an amazing face and body to match. She is very open-minded, and that is exactly what you want when flying to an exotic location with a luxury model. She is multilingual and doesn’t usually travel internationally outside of Europe, making this the perfect time to take advantage of her availability for companionship in Sao Paulo.

Haifa is something truly special, especially if you’ve just been yearning to know if any Arab escorts would be available and what they might be like. She is one of, if not the most sought after Arab escorts in all of London. Fly her out to the World Cup and have amazing conversation while your imagination runs wild with thoughts of the many indulgences that lie ahead of the two of you behind closed doors.

It will truly be quite the feat to find yourself unhappy in Sao Paulo with one of our high class escorts. These women are educated, beautiful, and full of life. As always when booking with Elite City Escorts, you will be provided with a luxurious concierge like experience when having your needs identified and met. Any travel companion that you happen to book through Elite City Escorts will be a true courtesan, in the most literal sense of the word.