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Head to Cologne for an amazing experience with amazing glamour model escorts.

To treat your models escort to the ultimate in Cologne luxury, book a suite at the Excelsior Hotel Ernst. The Excelsior Suites are particularly lovely, with views of the world-famous Cologne Cathedral (which you’ll also want to be sure to check out). Enjoy multiple living spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms, with a steam bath and walk-in closets. The intercom system and video surveillance ensures that you receive the utmost in privacy and discretion. Visit the hotel’s award-winning restaurant, Hanse Stube, where you’ll enjoy appetizers of caviar and foie gras, before dining on lobster tartar and pheasant breast. Your elite model escort will be sure to love the experience.

Our talented and sophisticated escort models love the arts, so do treat them to a visit to Museum Ludwig while in Cologne.  The museum houses one of the greatest collections of modern art, with a variety of stunning collections and exhibitions on view at all times. If art on a canvas isn’t really your thing, and you’d prefer a little music, visit the Cologne Philharmonic, where you’ll find not only a classic concert hall experience, but also modern acts from DJs exploring the new music scene. They also offer silent films accompanied by live music, for an especially interesting experience that you won’t find anywhere else. 

If you travel frequently to Cologne, whether for business or for pleasure, you’ll definitely want to begin reserving your own private flights to the region. Luckily for you, Pro Sky offers private and group (if you want to bring your colleagues or a whole bevy of ladies with you) flights to the region that are customized right down to the last degree.


For a great time amongst the locals once you’re ready to head out, go to Salon Schmitz, where you can find pretty much anything you want all in one place. There’s a take-away café if you’re on the run to your next meeting, a lounge for more relaxed meals, a bar for a few drinks and a museum café as well. Oh yeah, and there’s also a club in the basement. Spread out over three connected houses, you’ll never feel too crowded or be lacking on things to do or places to grab a bite or drink.

If you’re looking to bar or club hop around the city, you can certainly do so, as there are nearly 100 different places to find great music, great drinks and great women. Whether you’re searching for a traditional German pub experience, or a pulsating techno club, you’ll find it in Cologne. There are plenty of different options for every budget as well. If you want to party where the students go, head down to Kwartier Lataeng or if you’re more in line with the fashionable and the rich, maybe check out Ehrenfeld or the Belgian Quarter. If you’re not particularly looking to drink beer out of steins in a Bavarian-esque pub, and you’re not really into the techno scene, no worries. There’s still plenty for you. You’ll find every music you crave here, from jazz and R&B to pop and folk.

Of course, like we said above, you can’t visit Cologne for the first time without visiting the Cologne Cathedral. This landmark practically defines the city, its architecture looming over the other buildings and providing a focal point for every resident and visitor alike. The building has a rich and long history that began in the 13th century and extends through the years, surviving the intense bombing of the second World War. Read up on your history before you head over with your escort in tow to impress her with your extensive knowledge.