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With an amazing model escort on your arm, your trip to Geneva can be one to remember.

Geneva may not be the number one place you think of when you’re looking for a luxury destination to take your VIP model escort, but the destination offers a surprising amount of luxury options, whether you’re looking for hotels, restaurants, bars or clubs.

For a great hotel, choose the Grand Hotel Kempinski (after all, Kempinski is a lovely hotel brand, and you can always rely on them for a great experience, no matter where you are). The Geneva Suite is where you want to stay, with nearly 12,000 square feet of space. It actually is the largest continuous suite in the entirety of Europe, so you know it has to be something special. With three bedrooms (including a master), two separate lounge spaces, two dining areas, a full kitchen, office, boudoir, security room, entertainment room, fitness area, hammam and bulletproof windows, this room was created for only the most luxurious. After you’ve fully enjoyed your amazing room at the Grand Hotel Kempinski, move on down to the impeccable dining option, Le Grill, where you can arrange a seat for you and your favorite lady that gives you each a great view of both Lake Geneva and the Alps. You’ll want to definitely give the steak a try, while also enjoying the sommelier-created wine list. Of course, if steak isn’t to your taste, you can always go to the FloorTwo Restaurant, also located in the Grand Hotel Kempinski, for fine Italian cuisine.

If you can’t get a room at the Grand Hotel Kempinski, try out the Hotel President Wilson, which is home to one of the most expensive and elaborate suites in the entire world. The Royal Penthouse Suite rivals the Geneva Suite for being the largest in Europe (so why not try out both?). The suite itself has won a ton of awards for being super elaborate and super luxurious, exactly what an escort from a leading model escort agency will expect. VIP model escort services, after all, only churn out the best of the best, and that’s exactly what they deserve. The Royal Penthouse Suite is located on the top floor and includes 12 bedrooms – yes, 12!! – and bathrooms enough for each one of your party guests, including an amazing private terrace that gives you perfect views of both Lake Geneva and Mont-Blanc. The lounge area includes one of the biggest television screens in the world, a Steinway grand piano, antiquities like you’ll find nowhere else (besides museums, perhaps), a private gym and more. Of course, just like the Grand Hotel Kempinski, the Hotel President Wilson offers the utmost in security, including the bulletproof glass and private elevators. You really can’t lose! If you can be bothered to come down from your castle on the top of the Hotel President Wilson, you’ll find the Michelin-star restaurant Bayview, both world-famous and award-winning. The seasonal menus are spectacular, including specialties such as grilled colvert foie gras, blue lobster, roasted turbot, saddle of venison and more.

When you’re ready to go check out the Geneva nightlife, it may be worth it to head away from your luxury and supreme wealth to experience the real Geneva nightlife experience. That doesn’t mean that you’ll be slumming it, however. No, in fact, Geneva has quite the nice nightlife for the business crowd. It is, after all, a banking and financial center of the world. Head to Nonolet to hang with the banking crowd, or Le Rouge Et Le Blanc, for Michelin-favored wine and tapas. Visit L’atelier Cocktail Club for perfectly perfected cocktails, or Rooftop 42 for hanging with the locals. For lots of dancing, go to Baroque Club.