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Trip to Monaco? Take along an international top model escort to kick your experience to the next level.

Monaco reeks of glamour and glitz, conjuring up memories of classic Hollywood star holidays, Grand Prixe wins, yacht shows, Grace Kelley and more. Take your independent photo models escort here and you’ll be her favorite forever. After all, it’s not every day that a hot escort model in Europe gets whisked away to such a glamorous destination. Like we said, this is a classic Hollywood destination, where gorgeous scenery combines with utmost luxury to create a travel destination like no other. This is where the richest of the rich have traveled for almost a century, and you can do the same, easily. Practically everywhere you go in Monaco could be considered topnotch, but we know you want to visit only the best of the best, especially when you have your luxury model escort in tow.

Monaco is home to Monte Carlo, and we can guess that that’s exactly where you’ll be. After all, why go anywhere else? So hop on your private jet and rent a Bentley or an Aston Martin for the week and get going! Monte Carlo is waiting on you!

You can choose to rent a gorgeous private villa, if that’s your thing, and you definitely won’t be disappointed. There are some lovely villas in the area, with the best designs and furnishings that you’ll find nearly anywhere in the world, certainly in Europe. Of course, you can also choose to stay on a yacht in the gorgeous Mediterranean waters – and why wouldn’t you want to? This is a place yachters dream of and many yachters visit yearly for the famous and luxury-only yacht shows. Regardless of where you are, you’ll be sure to be amongst only the best – the world’s movie stars, top musicians, politicians, royals and billionaires.  Oh, and if you do decide to stay at a hotel, go with the Hermitage – you won’t be sorry. From the views to the dining, the experience is all you ever wanted in a luxury getaway. There are also a few boutique hotels that have popped up in more recent years. Though they may not have the same level of history, they do attempt at least to have the same level of glamour, perfect for the children of the rich parents who stay at the Hermitage.

One place in Monaco you definitely want to be sure you take your sweetie is the casino. You know which casino. The casino - arguably the only one that matters for countries around. The gorgeous architectural feat is only for the big spenders and the beauties that hang on their arms. You’ll easily be able to enter one evening and not even leave until the next day, with your winnings in tow. Smoke world-class cigars, get your invite to the most private of private gambling rooms and you’d better be dressed in your most expensive couture outfit, and your escort ought to be draped in extravagance as well, if you expect to get in. The dress codes are strict and you’ll be thoroughly checked before entering; be ready to produce your passport and be sure to only bring the most luxurious essentials.

Be warned, though, if the above is not warning enough – that Monte Carlo and Monaco is only for the richest of the rich and the most famous celebrities. If you can’t keep up, you’d best stay at home. Of course, don’t worry about the lovely lady we’ll supply to escort you there – she’ll fit right in, with her perfectly sculpted body; impeccably groomed face, hair and nails; and affinity for art, culture and knowledge. She’ll sweep everyone off their feet easily, and look like the newest Grace Kelley, the newest Princess of Monaco, with eyes only for you.