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You + An amazing supermodels escort = A posh time in Zurich.

Zurich just lends itself to more business than leisure. It’s definitely not the most popular holiday destination in Europe, and not somewhere you’d typically think to take your top model escort for fun. However, the city can be a fun place when you get around all of the banking and business executives. After all, they all make a great amount of money, and they have to spend that money somewhere. So choose one of our top models for escort bliss and join us in Zurich for an amazing time. Whether you’re looking for tall models, short models, busty models or just plain hot models, you’ll find it here, ready and waiting to head to Zurich.

Zurich is the banking capital of the world, anyone can tell you that, but there’s so much more to the city than just banking, financial experts and boring business transactions. Your lovely escort will be sure to enjoy the amazing shopping at Bahnhofstrasse, as well as the culture and history surrounding the city, including and not limited to the overwhelming amount of chocolate and local boutiques.

You may not think it at first, but Zurich offers some excellent dining options that you simply will not find anywhere else. If you’re hungry as soon as you arrive, calm your grumbling stomach with a visit to Parkhuus, where an open kitchen and gorgeous design will welcome you with open arms. The wine list includes more than 600 wines, and the menu items are made from fresh, local and organic ingredients.  The lunch menu includes a variety of high-end options, including salmon tartar, deer ham, beef roulade, chestnut mousee, quince tarte tatin and more. The attached bar, ONYX Bar, has received multiple awards and is one of the most popular in Zurich. Enjoy a top-shelf drink, alongside a lovely cigar.

For a 5-star hotel that you’ll positively love, book a suite at The Dolder Grand. The Maestro Suite includes two floors, two bedrooms, an amazing bath area (including a sauna!), dining area, kitchen, library, bar and more. The suite’s balcony is actually the highest point in the entire hotel, and the terrace gives you great views of the city, lake and mountains. Of course, as with most fine hotels, The Dolder Grand comes with its own amazing dining option. You can treat your VIP escort to a VIP dining experience at The Restaurant at The Dolder Grand. There you’ll both find an impeccable menu from a chef with two Michelin stars. Choose from between a 4-course and 12-course menu, all seasonal and all amazing. The menus include such delights as Norway lobster, white Alba truffles, Kobe beef and more.

For a drink and local bar atmosphere after dinner and roaming around your hotel (with or without your lady friend), you’ll want to stop by some of the best bars in the city, frequented by both locals and visitors alike. Moods is a good choice. It’s actually considered an excellent jazz club, and possibly one of the best on the continent. If you love live music, this is the place for you. There’s an event going on there nearly every night, and in addition to the jazz, you’ll also find just about every other music type being performed. Grab a cocktail and enjoy mixing with the locals while listening to some tunes.  If music isn’t your thing, head to Clouds, where you can get some great views from the 35th floor of Prime Tower, the tallest building in all of Switzerland. The two-floor venue offers a bar, dining room and terrace, as well as a conference room if you need to entertain some clients. You can check out the wine list of nearly 200 wines, or grab a run-of-the-mill cocktail.