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Hotel Art Collections: Masterpieces in London

London is not only a  metropolitan beauty that spell bounds visitors from all around the world but also is one of the most important economical capitals of the modern world. Coming into view as one of the world's most modern cities, London is also known for its patrimony of ancient civilization and traditions, especially from the time of Georgian and Victorian architectural masterpieces. 

Modern London is an extremely well-developed and a rising city where the ancient and the new lives side by side. Yes, the excitement is not finished, there is lot more about London to explore and experience. London's high participation in politics, business, fashion, education, media and arts makes its one of the dream destinations of every traveller. London has always been the most popular business and tourist destinations for visitors and corporate executives. The uncountable London hotels provide very high-class accommodation offering rich experience to the visitors and business travellers.

London's hotels are known all across the world for being luxuriant and sumptuous. They provide both locals and tourists the well-favoured comfort and peacefulness during their holiday stays or business trips. However, in beginning of the era, London was known for a lot of things but not its hotels. It is in the past few decades that they developed remarkably since the time they were founded way back in the 19th century.

London, founded by the Romans, has witnessed many changes in its infrastructure since the medieval ages. The hotels in London portray the medieval time and modern time simultaneously by its looks and facilities. Luxury London hotels, like everything else in the city, are costly and expensive. Every year thousands of tourists come to visit this gorgeous city to catch a glimpse of its beauty. To welcome the travellers and serve them along with warmth and quality, hotels in London have always played the lead role. There is large number of hotels in London which looks like they have been constructed in these days but were originally built in mid 1800. Some of these hotels have great art collections that visitors can enjoy. Some of these rare art pieces are discussed below:


Claridge’s Christmas Tree

Claridge’s is one of London’s most famous five star hotels today and has great and rare artwork at display. Founded in 1812, this was originally called Mivart’s Hotel, and got its current name in 1854. This hotel is famous for a lot of things including its ancient architecture and oil paintings, but its display of Christmas Tree is what makes it an amazing hotel to visit. The trees are designed by famous designers including the likes of Kally Ellis (McQueens), John Galliano (Dior) and Dolce & Gabbana’s Stefano Gabanna and Domenico Dolce.


The Savory Hotel and Art

London’s Savory Hotel, located in the City of Westminster, is one of the most famous hotels in the world today and has great, rare and expensive art work at display. This is the city’s first hotel to have introduced electric lifts, constantly running warm and cold water and other such features. Today, it’s like any luxurious London hotel but with a twist thanks to its wide collection of art. Thanks to its great view of the Thames it has always attracted artists including the likes of Whistler and Monet, and Stuart McAlpine Miller. The hotel’s lobby has some interesting art work including a huge painting depicting Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. This painting too has been an inspiration to several artists, including the likes of David Downes. Lastly, Kasper, a 3-foot high black cat, sculpted in 1926 by Basil Lonides, is also one of the hotel’s attractions and can be seen wearing a napkin.


The Egerton House Hotel and Art

This hotel has an incredible collection of work from some renowned artists like Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall. The collection is called “Art at The Edge” and is the hotel’s main USP. You will also get to Kim Brook’s famous paintings here including the much loved the Parrots. Some of original Henry de Toulouse-Lautrec is also available in the hotel. Plus, the paintings are not the only pieces of art you’ll see here as some incredible caricatures done by Sems and JAK are also at display at the hotel’s bat.

St James's Club and Hotel

This hotel, a former Gentleman’s chamber, boasts of some incredible and are artwork that decorates its walls. You will get some turn of the century Cubist and Expressionists paintings here that are worth looking at.

The Arch London

If you’re looking at some new art work by emerging artists then this is your go-to place. You get to see work of new names like Vincent Poole (her silhouette of shoes is at display) and Nigel Bird (Embers III).

For an art lover, there is so much to explore inside these hotels. Each hotel has a rich history to tell and things including valuable paintings and other such items have been very well preserved. In addition to above mentioned hotels and items you will get to see a lot more when you pay London a visit and enter London’s luxurious hotels that are designed keeping the taste of visitors in mind. You can also visit TATE and The National Gallery in London for more.