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Head to Edgware For Gorgeous Edgware Road Escorts

Looking for a great London escort, but not sure you want to dally with one of the more intimidating luxury escorts of Kensington or Knightsbridge? Opt for one of our beautiful Edgware Road escorts, who offer the same luxury feel, with a completely down-to-earth and friendly vibe.

Edgware itself is located northwest of Charing Cross and has more of a suburb feel. You’ll find that these delightful Edgware Road escorts are totally relaxed and laid back, so you can enjoy their attention fully, without worrying about any pretenses. Plus, the location lets you get out of the hubbub of the inner city for a bit and just enjoy the slower pace of the suburbs.

When you get into the sexy Edgware Road escorts, you’ll find that there’s quite a lot of Middle Eastern and exotic Persian flair among them. It’s not surprising, as Edgware Road itself has a lot of that same feel. You can enjoy smoking shisha at the cafes, eat at the many Lebanese restaurants (ask your Edgware Road escorts which they recommend), head to one of the Arabic-themed nightclubs or even see a film shown in Arabic. Your beautiful Edgware Road escorts will love it, and you’ll think that you’re in Beirut or Dubai for the night!

In addition to the Middle Eastern flavours, you can also enjoy Edgware Road’s African vibe, too. The exotic Edgware Road escorts will show you the best Maroush restaurants, shawarma spots and even where to get a classic drink. You’ll totally think you’re not even in London anymore.

So, does all of this sound like a heavenly getaway? If you’re itching to find somewhere new to hang out in London, that has a little slower pace but also offers something exciting and different, book one of our hot Edgware Road escorts now and see what you’re missing by not coming to this underserved London neighbourhood.

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