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Fitzrovia used to be as shady and depressing as they come, until cheap buildings made the area attractive to enterprising businessmen. They bought buildings, refurbished them to be new luxury venues and helped turn the area into a money-making jackpot. Now everyone wants to go to Fitzrovia, from the cool kids who want to be seen and the easy bohemian chicks to the high end London models and the rich kids. Ask any escort service in London where the new hot place to be seen is now and they’ll more than likely point you to Fitzrovia. Even Madonna parties here, so you know it’s got to be good.

Be in the know – head to where all the cool kids – and London luxury escorts – go when night falls: Fitzrovia. 

Fitzrovia is located just away from Soho and Bloomsbury and its home to a variety of artsy professions and businesses, as well as individuals. There are a ton of independent restaurants and shops, guaranteeing visitors an individualized stop every single time you enter a different store. The architecture is inspiring, with lots of eighteenth century style mixed with the BT Tower looming over it all. All of the touristy shopping can be found on Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street is the place for a little bit of nightlife. Lots of partiers make their way from Soho over to Oxford Street once the night gets late, so you’ll be in good company if your roaming the streets looking for a pub or a greasy bite at four in the morning. No shame! One of London’s VIP escorts will look after you as you party the night away – if you’re lucky, she might even take you home and tuck you in bed.

Accommodations in this hot neighbourhood have popped up like wild mushrooms. The Langham is a favourite for sure, a historic building that’s a favourite with the royal family. It’s recently had some pretty seriously major renovations, so it’s on top of its style game. Have you ever wanted to swim inside of a pool that was once a vault? Well, you can here. Get some tea and then stay in one of the luxurious suties.

Art galleries also make a sophisticated yet sexy place to take your date and there are several to choose from in Fitzrovia. From sculpture to videos to moveable walls and huge galleries ran by some of the country’s most prestigious names in art, you’ll find it all.

Restaurants (did someone say sushi?), coffee shops, eastern European cafes, strip clubs, underground bars – there’s a little bit of something for every palate or taste. If you just want a really casual lunch or to pick up something yummy on the run, stop by Villandry and pick up a pastry and cappuccino to sip and munch in the park, or stay for a French-inspired full meal.

You really have to check out the luxury shopping while you’re in Fitzrovia. As the neighbourhood has that artsy, indie, bohemian vibe that everyone wants to have so much, those are the kinds of shops you’ll find here as well. We’ve already mentioned the galleries, where you’ll be able to find crazy unusual and originally unique artworks for sell. The independent bookstores are to die for if you’re a bibliophile (or if your girl is). Stop by a stationary shop for the best in paper products and unusual desk décor.

Fitzrovia is simply the best place to go if you’re looking for an edgier vibe than what you’d find in other parts of London that are dominated by the upper class. Not that Fitzrovia isn’t dominated by the upper class, because it certainly is, but there’s a certain type of richness that inhabits the region – not quite as uppercut as the rest of the posh neighborhoods, more like an up-and-coming, trendsetting sort of class. You’ll love it, we promise.