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High Street Kensington

Every tourist who visits London needs to make a point to visit Kensington High Street. Not only will the amazing architecture, luxury shops, haute couture boutiques and gourmet restaurants blow you away, but you’re sure to find that the Kensington companions will as well. The area is supremely wealthy, which means that each restaurant, shop and every Kensington escort you come across will be used to catering to the rich and elite. The VIPs of the world have the best taste; we all know it, so be prepared to be treated to only the finest things in life.

Luxury escorts, luxury shopping and luxury dining – you won’t have a single complaint when you’re dining and dancing your way around this ultra luxe part of London. 

You’ll find that there are a ton of shopping options, perfect for both you and your escort to get some luxury purchases in. From the hottest trends in fashion to luxury travel providers to haute couture boutiques and independent sellers, you’ll find it all. Then, if you get tired with shopping until you drop, you can check out the Kensington Palace, Royal Albert Hall or The Roof Gardens, where you can chill amongst the four pink and extravagant feathered friends who live there – flamingos! If organic food is your thing, you’ll also find that the Whole Foods Market is one of the largest and best in London, surprisingly. People love it there, even though it’s not really something to brag about. Keep your eyes peeled for celebrities, too, because you certainly might spot one. Simon Cowell’s office is in the area, and you may just spot your favourite musician. The celebs sometimes stay away from the main drag, however. You can find them if you head away from High Street for a bit to Kensington Church Street, just a hop and a skip away, where they’ll be enjoying a respite from the crowds, sipping coffee as they mosey through independent bookstores and antique shops.

Some of the more famous Kensington High Street store sinclude Next, River Island, Marks and Spencer and Miss Selfridge. However, there are many more bespoke boutiques and high end retailers that you won’t have to settle for something that everyone’s heard of. Besides, what’s the point in being the same as all your other rich friends and colleagues? Hire the same people who make celebrity clothes for the red carpet to create, design or tailor your best look yet. If you want to pick up a few nice non-clothing gifts while you’re at it, look through the many antique shops for luxurious finds that speak from another century – think Art Deco décor, oil paintings from the Victorian era and porcelain from the Orient. You won’t believe some of the fun and fashionable items you’ll find!

If you find yourself growing a bit peckish while you’re out on the town, stop by The Milestone Hotel, which you know we love, and enjoy their afternoon tea service. If your elite escort is accompanying you, it’ll be a great chance to show her how elegant and classic you are – enjoying tea at one of the most prestigious addresses in the city. Of course, if you really want to impress her, grab tea and then book a room, particularly one of the most luxurious suites in the country, complete with champagne service.

When it’s time for dinner, you want to go to Launceston Place. The market menu is available for both lunch and dinner and is some of the best food that you’ll find in the area. You’ll hardly be able to choose from the menu – quail breast, foie gras, smoked eel, partridge, venison. You definitely don’t want to miss it. The Michelin-starred food is even better over the holidays, and the elegant restaurant is the perfect setting for a party of business colleagues, friends and party escorts