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Lancaster Gate

Lancaster Gate Escorts Are Elite VIP Models

Lancaster Gate girls live, travel and work in a prestigious area of West London on the top end of Hyde Park. These beautiful girls get to live in an area that has a series of grade II listed buildings which are used by various local businesses, including hotels, luxury car showrooms, financial institutions, bookmakers, consulates and embassies. Situated on the busy part of Bayswater Road, the area is a magnet for international travellers, diplomats and tourists from around the world.  

This busy West London area is actually known as a hotel district, and visitors can stay at the Lancaster Gate Hotel, which is suitable for families, couples, solo, and business. There are plenty of daytime activities including ten pin bowling on Queensway and local Odeon Cinema.

As Lancaster Gate is closely situated near Bayswater, the place attracts Arab Sheikhs, who have a taste for Eastern European escorts. There are many Eastern European ladies visiting hotel concierge during evening and late at night.  Although some hotels do not have internet for a fine gentleman to view elite city escorts London escort galleries, many people can now use their smart phone to browse and call high class escort agencies.  

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