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Luxury Dinner Dates in Belgravia

Luxury Dinner Dates in Belgravia

Belgravia is located south west of Buckingham Palace, in the City of Westminster, in West London. The district is situated south of Knightsbridge, west of Grosvenor Place, north of Pimlico Road, and east of Sloane Street. Belgravia is among the wealthiest residential areas of London, and displays grand terraces on the stucco homes.

This is a convenient place for travellers to stop, as Belgravia can be found on the corner of Victoria Underground Station and National Express Coach Station. Unlike most busy high streets, Belgravia retains its pride in independent coffee, clothes and wedding shops. Also, because it is situated near the UK passport office, theatres, bars and the River Thames, this place attracts millions of visitors every week.  

You may notice the variety of country flags that decorate the streets in the region. This is because Belgravia houses many international consulates and embassies, and is a place for diplomats from around the world to meet. They often hold important conferences and meetings, discussing world matters. Due to the proximity of these government buildings, Belgravia is a residential area for many politicians.

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