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Alluring Italian Ladies

 10 July 2015

You Don't Know Passion Until You Date An Italian Lady

Born under the glorious Tuscan sun, Italian VIP model escorts have come to London with their beauty, charm and designer cut fashion; they may not be known for being elite but they certainly dress the part. Italian women have good diets based on Mediterranean ingredients and the best are usually slim and fit due to their demanding exercise and healthy eating;  so when you get to meet these wonderfully beautiful women they are able to wow you with their tight curvy bodies because they dress as if pure classy, continental sexuality had been poured into a slinky dress, the very embodiment of the female goddess of love Aphrodite. 

Italian escorts are very similar in temperament to that of Spanish escorts as they are both from the Mediterranean area and share same fiery demeanour and fiercely witty intellect.  Italian model escorts can smite a man's heart by wearing an alluring combination of rarefied perfume, fashionably graceful dresses and blood warming lacy high class lingerie all curvaceously poised on top of the latest pair of designer heels.  Italian escorts are serious in what they do and tend to attract high quality men in their lives who are affluent enough to shower them with gifts and gifts.

Italian women are so full of passion and life they can fall in love with an unmatched intensity which can become addictive however be prepared to chase this passionate woman with all your might for she might tease and flutter away before you can catch her. If you find yourself needing the company of an Italian woman then you can always book a high class Italian escort they are great for a evening of candle lit passion with the curtains drawn.

Book an Italian escort for a weekend away in some of Europe's top destination for a delightfully indulgent time in a luxury hotel, or lunch at an authentic Italian restaurant with fine Tuscan food and even finer aged French wine after an evening at your favourite theatre, finish it all of for some private evening together in your luxury London hotel.

Elite Italian escorts tend to have a large wardrobe of sexy dresses, raunchy lingerie and long high heel stilettos so if you feel like an Italian Stallion, book an Italian escort for one of the most passionate dates of your life

Alluring Italian Ladies From Elite City Escorts London