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American Escort

 10 July 2015

When people think of America, they usually think of the United States of America however they don't know that the America means the combined land masses of North America and South America. Unless you lived in both the Stated and United Kingdom it’s probably difficult to distinguish between an North American and British women from pictures alone as both cultures are now very multi-cultural.  When walking down Oxford Street, you may see many women that look English but are in fact American. As the USA is a vast country with 50 states, it also has a tremendously large population, and among the females there would most certainly be many beautiful women.

From famous stars to highly paid supermodels, there is no shortage of glamour girls in America. But how many American models do you think are working as high class escorts in London? It’s very difficult to say, but there is no harm in looking at an elite escort agency to find a sexy America girl to book to your hotel in Mayfair. 

If you want to find an American escort in London, count yourself lucky, as most states in the USA has strict regulation against escorting and escort agencies.  Even if escorts were to advertise stating that clients are only paying time and companionship, the regulation of the US do not allow escort agencies to operate freely.  So if you are looking for a sexy lady from America, you probably will be more successful finding them Central London.

If you are interested in an America model to have find time in the states, you can always hire a elite travel escort for international booking to the USA, where you would pay for the escorts travel costs and expenses.  It may work out more expensive, but it is very unlikely you would be breaking any US laws. 

American Escort From Elite City Escorts London