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Australian Glamour Models

 10 July 2015

Would you consider an Escort from down under in London?

When we are talking about hot women from Australian mention ‘down under’, it may sound a bit too far away for most people to visit just to meet these glamorous beauties but most people see Australia as down under on the globe and somewhere far away in the Pacific Ocean.  There are many Australians girls in the UK, which include Australians who have become resident or citizens in the UK.  The Office of National Statistics in the UK suggests that there are 118,000 Australians in the UK, with much of them residing in London as students and temporary workers and among them are also high class Australian models working as escorts in London. 

Australia is a very developed county in the world and certainly one of the wealthiest.  It has the 12th largest economy in the world and is the world’s 6th largest country by land space. Before the British settlement, this far away country was inhabited by indigenous Australians.  Australian people are very wealthy and have the world’s fifth highest per capita income.

Many Australian escorts are usually glamour models and tend to have a portfolio of non-nude photography.  Of course when they take up short escorting careers in London, there prefer not to show their face to avoid ruining reputation and compromising the potential of future profession glamour work.  

Australian love the beach so much that they would even go swimming with their money.   But don’t be alarmed, the Australian currently is actually waterproof.  If you are an executive in London and use concierge service, you may find high class escort service as part of an exclusive package by some agencies. 

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