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Brazilian Companions

 10 July 2015

Brazilian Model Escorts Are Sweet, Gorgeous And Elegantly Feminine

Have you always admired the beauty of gorgeous Brazilian models and wanted to experience the pleasure of their wonderful feminine energy on an exclusive date? Are you looking for expensively luscious Brazilian escorts who match your high standards?

Well you don’t have to be Leonardo Dicaprio to date a supermodel, at Elite City Escorts we always want you to feel like your a welcome friend and that’s how all of our models from Brazil feel, these gently seductive women are among the kindest and sweetest girls with fantastic physiques and a personality match. You will never feel you have anything to prove with these wonderful ladies from the worlds largest exporter of bikini thongs and classy Supermodels

Why Are Brazilian Model Escorts The Most Desirable Girlfriends?

Numerous beautiful models in Brazil are tall, tanned and dazzlingly beautiful due to the exquisitely sublime combination of European, Indian, Asian and Middle Eastern characteristics and not only are they pleasing to the eyes, they are described as being among the sweetest women on earth, very approachable and incredibly hard-working all the while taking care of themselves to look like models. Many foreigners who have decided to make a home in Brazil have said receiving attention from a Brazilian woman surpasses all expectations in affection, making for an incredibly erotic and fun date.

Dating these ravishingly desirable models is classed as a high end experience not to be missed and they tend to command a premium for their time so when you it comes to accompanying these high class women it can be difficult if you don’t have the presence of mind to be a discreet gentleman

Where Do They Come From?

These hot Brazilian girls come from a country that annually hosts the world’s most recognized and fantastically opulent carnival at the beginning of Lent, this is a breathtaking festival of competing colourfully costumed carnival troupes dancing on outrageously spectacular floats trying to outdo each other in a riotous clash of energetic celebration of life

Brazilians love to celebrate life and it shows in the attitude they have towards living their life to the full. The elite escorts at our agency love dancing to music, moving their body like Shakira keeping you enthralled with the seductive thrusts of her hips well into the night. Many of Brazilian escorts have interest in football and are proud of their countries achievements in the world cup and are looking forward to Brazil hosting the world cup 2014. Brazilian escorts are now in London in numbers bringing their style, culture and the samba experience.

"Brazilian wives are extremely beautiful, loyal and hard working but be prepared to be the dominant partner!"

Brazilian escorts are London’s premier Latin beauties, they are the señoritas of South America featuring large natural breasts, perfectly curvy bottoms and a gorgeous smile.  These high class escorts have experienced exotic dancers and enjoy dancing to Samba, Ritmo,  Merengue and bring the salsa club dance floors of Leicester Square alive with their dance move and since they come from a country where the women take pride in dressing for the occasion they generally wear dresses for a dare, bikini in the summer sunshine and lingerie in the bedroom.

Booking an elite city Brazilian escort is easy, just call our booking desk to arrange a date with a model who can dance your heart away  for a night of drinking, dancing and exotically wild passion .

Brazilian Companions From Elite City Escorts London