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Moldovan Girls in London W1

By Peter Richardson  21 April 2015

When walking along Oxford Street in London and you brush past an Eastern European lady what are the chances that she is from Moldova? Well, the chances as there are very few Moldavian women in the UK.  In fact many people were not even familiar with this small country boarding Romania until the introduction of the very first Euro-vision song contest.

Moldova is trying hard for its people, and ever since it won its independents from the Soviet Union in 1990, the country has adapted economically and advanced technologically.  However, the country is still struggling from poverty due to high rate of corruption and inequality between the rich and the less well off.

Like much of Eastern Europe Moldova certainly has a lot of beautiful women, but don’t expect to find many supermodels there, as the country does not have a big fashion industry. Yes, there are certainly some beauty pageants in Moldova competing for the annual miss world contest.  If you are familiar with good looking women from near Romania or in Moldova, you would have heard of Eugenia or Nadejda.    

If you are looking for a top escort agency in London, they will have many sexy girls from Eastern Europe and there may be a couple from Moldova.  Business men that come from the far East usually like Russian women, but if the agency is providing a exclusive model it may be more tempting to book them for the entire night as they are in demand.

When you book escorts, be sure to carry some local currency such as the Pound Sterling, Euro or the US Dollar as these are the only currencies accepted by the top escort agencies serving clients from Park Lane and Mayfair. But if you are booking a travel escort for a tour in Europe you will find that carrying some Euro currency will be more convenient means of paying for your escort services.

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