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FHM Calendar Girls Review

08 July 2015

The coffin-punting naked Polish calendar girls

This is a men’s lifestyle magazine, internationally distributed and published monthly.  The magazine is very popular as ranks 100 sexiest women in the world, which is featured every year.  All eager readers are looking forward to the FHM 2014 calendar starring the 12 sexiest women in the universe.  According to Wikipedia, the sexiest woman in the world was Mila Kunis (the actress from Black Swan) in 2013.  This Ukrainian beauty was young, talented and attracted a lot of attention for several years before ranking attracted a lot of attention by fashion magazines and Hollywood.  So what is all the hype about calendar girls in FHM magazine?  Why are calendar girls so important?

If we look at the times when internet was not popular and waiting at the hairdressers meant picking up a men's magazine or turning to page 3 of the sun or gazing at the calendar on the wall and fantasizing about being with a sexy topless women.  Finally when your turn came, you quietly sit whilst your hair is being cut whilst enjoying sexy boobs of a bikini-clad topless blonde.  Before magazines where available online, most men would pass by their local news agent to grab the latest edition of the men’s magazines to see some hot babes in revealing underwear. 

Whatever forms that nudity comes in, there is one thing for certain… photos of partially nude women sell and it’s for this reason that nude photos of sexy ladies are a valuable asset to many companies to help promote their merchandise.  Recently a Polish coffin company came up a calendar featuring scantily-clad models showing off their voluptuous bodies posing provocatively next to the wooden caskets.  This has now become quite a controversy as the company was trying to induce older buyers to have more heart attacks, but the owner of the morbid business that makes more than 11,000 caskets a month defended the promotional stunt saying ‘my son had the idea of creating the company’s calendar girls so we could show something colourful and display the beauty of Polish girls’. The owner went on to say … ‘a coffin shouldn't be a sacred object, its furniture and is the last bed you will sleep in’.

Calendar Girls 

It apparent that calendar girls are a gold mine for many businesses as it helps to attract a lot of potential male buyers. From the above example, we learned that a business which sells coffins was able to use sexy poses of nude ladies on top of coffins, which is certainly a nice attraction for a product which is not that popular.  This is the same way that calendar girls being featured to help advertise designer clothes, expensive perfumes and elegant jewellery.  Where calendar girls do not become successful in her modelling career for high profile advertising campaign, they usually look for alternative careers to include strip dancing for luxury clubs and high class escorting for elite agencies in London. 

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